Dog in the Snow
Consume Me

1. Sea
2. Child
3. Blood
4. TV
5. Face Me
6. Mirror
7. Safety
8. Magic
9. Consume Me
10. I'm Still Here (Encore)

Helena Ganya Brown




All songs written, recorded and produced by Helena Ganya Brown
Mixed and Mastered by Eva Bowan
Photo by Clementine Blue
Artwork by Helena Ganya Brown

Released 2017-10-20
Reviewed 2017-10-11

battle worldwide

I think the artist called Dog in the Snow is showing a bit less energy in the music than an actual dog running in the snow does. But that doesn’t mean that the debut album by this moniker isn’t worth looking at, consume me is a reflection on life, self and the world around us. A reflection by Helena Ganya Brown who is the person hiding behind the snowy dog moniker and she has put together ten songs to tell her stories. And she does so in a way that perhaps isn’t what we normally write plenty of words about here at Hallowed, it is more of an ambient album and quite far from the heavier stuff we often write about – but it is also fresher and more exciting than most of that which finds its way into my mailbox.

Atmospheric, ambient and reflective music with female vocals that are very well performed by Helena Ganya Brown who has a great voice for this kind of music, her reflective presence adds a lot to this album. The production is very good as well, the ten tracks show decent variation and there is quite a lot of depth in the album. With just 35 minutes of playing time it is an album that keeps you listening from the beginning to the end, tirelessly as it is short enough to keep you listening all the way through. I also think that words like exciting and interesting should be added along with reflective and thoughtful when describing what we get when we are listening to consume me.

I think this is an album worth consuming as it is very good and really enjoyable to listen to, perhaps that the ending encore is a bit on the slow side and a little bit of a slow way to end the album. Besides that I don’t think this album has any weakness, all the tracks are good and the album works really well as a unit. Sure, if you are one part of this webzine’s reading clientele you may find a bit soft and slow in its ambience as it is quite far from the metal stuff that I sometimes write about. But it is an attention grabbing album and when I consume the songs I think that the ones called Child, Blood and Mirror are the best on the album but it stands stronger as a unit than as single songs.

Consume Me is a great album and I can recommend that you take a look at it, and it is one the most positive new acquaintances of the year for myself. One that I will return to even now that I have written the last words of this review, check it out yourself!





Label: Battle Worldwide Recordings
Three similar bands: Lost Horizons/Fear Of Men/Susumu Yokota
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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