The Immortalist

1. Manhunt
2. Atlas
3. Hallowed Earth
4. DMT
5. PsyWar
6. Distorted Mesh
7. The Dead Speak From Behind
8. Lucid Creator
9. The Reckoning
10. All Seeing Eyes
11. Momentum
12. Conqueror

Sean Jenkins - Vocals
Jeff Waite - Vocals
James Duncan - Guitars
Brett Duncan - Drums
Keith Branston - Bass

2016 - The Immortalist - Part 1 - Momentum
2013 - The Immortalist - Part 1 - Awestruck
2010 - The Singularity
2007 - Allegory

Björn ‘Speed’ Strid - vocals


Released 2017-05-26
Reviewed 2017-06-29



Yesterday I wrote about a Canadian band and today I am taking on another Canadian band, the death metal band Divinity. The Immortalist is the culmination of the band’s trilogy of EPs from which I reviewed the second part called Momentum last year, an EP that I like quite a bit and those four tracks are present on this album so that could be a good indication of a good album. It is however a rather long album with a playing time of well over an hour, 67 minutes to be exact. And unfortunately that is a bit on the long side in my opinion, but it is still a good album.

It is melodic death metal, powerful, melodic and a little bit progressive with a good and powerful production. It is a very strong production with a powerful yet melodic sound, I would describe it as a good production. Vocals are mostly growled and they are not too bad, there are some clean vocals as well. The variation is probably the largest stumbling block for this band and while the songs are good their lack of variation makes the album seem a tad long. Perhaps it would have been wiser to just put together two EPs into the album instead of three.

The Immortalist is a good album with good songs and good energy as well as good melodies, but there is a thing like too much of the good stuff. The problem with making albums that are too long is that the songs usually tend to blend together into some unified mass and in the best case scenario one or two really good songs manages to stand out while the rest blend together a bit and if the album is nearing the hour it tends to feel long. And such is the case with this album as well, it is long and the good tracks from the EP I reviewed last year doesn’t feel quite as good when I listen to them again on this album, perhaps it is the order of the songs or just that the album is lacking a standout track.

Fans of Divinity’s earlier works will enjoy this album, it plays on their strengths but it kind of also exposes their weaknesses, it feels as though they should have kept things a bit shorter or added a bit more depth and variation if they wanted to make a more exciting album. The Immortalist is a good album with good tracks, and fans of melodic death metal will like it.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Strapping Young Lad/Death/Fear Factory
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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