Dangerous Dreams

1. Back To Hell
2. Night Flyer
3. To See Angels
4. Winter Ghost
5. Woman
6. Hand In Hand
7. Show Me A Girl

Jaakko Soimakallio/Dick - Drums, vocals, synth, guitars and stuff

Dick (2014)

Terje Hirvonen - bass on track 1-5
Matilda Koivisto - bg vocals track 3
Andy Peltola - bg vocals on track 1-5
Pauli Pétas - bass on track 6&7, keys on track 7
Toni Rintala - Electric guitar
Tuomas Sipponen - Saxophone

Written and produced by Dick
Recorded and mixed by Dick in Seppo Studios, Kouvola, Finland
Mastered by Ora Turunen/Media Bullet
Album Art by Niina Helimaa
Layout by Escileus

Released 2017-03-30
Reviewed 2017-05-03


Mr Dick has some dangerous dreams for his second album, perhaps dreams of skiing in a winterscape in snowfall being attacked by snow owls – sounds dangerous. And perhaps it is because it all starts with the trip back to hell and then we meet strange things like winter ghosts and women through the seven tracks that make out this album that is the second from Finnish guy Dick who in reality has a more Finnish name, or nimi as they say in Finland. I think the artwork is pretty nice as well.

The press sheet tells of prog influenced rock music in the vein of the likes of Genesis and Rush and that isn’t a too bad description of how it sounds. It is quite melodic and pretty strongly produced and quite varied but it could have used a bit more tempo and energy. I think it could be considered a little bit bland to some, as the lack of higher tempo has a tendency to make the album feels a bit slow. The vocals are pretty good, not the most impressive I have heard but they fit the album quite well.

I think the album works, and it works quite well. I have quite enjoyed listening to it; it has good songs and things to like. But I still would have liked to hear some more uptempo songs; the album would certainly have benefitted from some more energy. But as good as it is, it is also a quite forgetful album and even though I like it I doubt that I will play it again now that I have finished writing about it.

I don’t think anyone buying the album will be disappointed as they are getting a good album, with good songs even though it lacks a bit of energy. Good stuff even though I doubt that it will be much of a breakthrough for the good Dick, but at least he will win some fans thanks to this album.



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Genesis/Rush/Saga
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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