Days of Jupiter
New Awakening

01. We Will never Die
02. I Am Stone
03. Wasted years
04. My Tragedy, My curse
05. You Can`t Erase Me
06. Awakening
07. If I Were God
08. Insane
09. Give In to Me
10. Favorite Waste
11. Inglorious

Janne Hilli- Vocals
Jörgen Hellström – Guitars
Marcus Lindman – Guitars
Janne Karlsson – Bass
Magnus Larsson – Drums

Secrets Brought To Life (2012)
Only Ashes Remain (2015)

Child choir - Theor & Thure Pettersson and Lo & Silje Löfgren

Recorded at Leon Music Studios, Karlstad with Rikard Löfgren and Gustav Ydenius
Album cover by Jenny Pettersson
Artwork by Claudio Breng

Released 2017-04-28
Reviewed 2017-03-28


Swedish band Days of Jupiter tells of a New Awakening in the title of their new album. Their third album that stylistically isn’t about any new musical awakening as I can mention at least a handful of their countrymen who makes music that is very similar to what these guys offer. And they do not offer a really interesting artwork either. What they offer is eleven tracks of no-nonsense hardrock/metal with plenty of energy and plenty of heft; a powerful new album is what they have on offer.

It is not an album that reinvents the style and you can think of the likes of Mustasch, Sparzanza and many others and you have a decent frame of reference for how these guys sound, modern powerful hard rock music. It is simple and straight to the point, well produced and with a terrific vocalist for the style of music they perform. A really good album that despite being simple also has enough depth to stand up well to repeated listening, and the variation is also good over the eleven tracks. I would describe this as a really solid effort.

Actually it is probably one of the best albums released on the Metalville label, a label that usually release good stuff. It is also similar to much released by said label. I like this album, it has a lot going for it with the catchiness, and the great songs and it is clear from the opening track that this album is going to be great. That first track also has one of the best choruses of a song released this year. Along with that track I also have to mention Awakening, If I Were God and the ending track Inglorious as competitors for the highlight of this album that is a highlight in its own regard. But all the tracks on this album are good and most of them would probably be amongst the highlights of most albums released this year.

I don’t think this album has any major flaws. Its weakness is that it sounds like many other albums, something that will prevent it from making a major mark in the scrolls of music history. It is excellent while you listen to it but it will fade into the periphery and be half-forgotten when the ten best albums of the year shall be summarized, I will probably pick a more recent similar album at that time if anything of this style ends up on that list. I am not saying that it is forgetful but it is not different or interesting enough to really stand out, it will along with so many other great albums fade into the periphery and gather dust on the collector’s record shelves without being played. But until it fades it is a really enjoyable album and when listening to it right now I think it is one of the best of the year so far.



Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Spiritual Beggars/Sparzanza/Mustasch

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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