Daycare for Jedi
This is What You Get

01. This Is What You Get
02. Change
03. Indifferent
04. Moonshine
05. A Better Way
06. Brother
07. Excuses
08. Next Chapter
09. Loser
10. Treading Water
11. Home

Mikkel Rohde- Guitar
Jens Erik- Guitar/vox
Jacob - Bas
Kristian - drums

Worst things First (EP 2015)



Released 2017-03-01
Reviewed 2017-04-09

prime collective

So I was handed this album with the phrase this is what you get, the first album from the Danish quartet following their debut EP Worst Things First and judging from the title the EP was correctly named so far. This is a step up for them, but perhaps not so much that they are out of daycare yet. I thought their worst one yet was pretty good but perhaps lacking a little bit of substance and relevance, they still plays the same kind of pop-punk music as they did two years ago and they do it slightly better.

In terms of style I cannot say that they have changed, perhaps their sound is a little bit more mature and this time they have more songs, which is better. This one plays for about 40 minutes and I think they have good energy and feel to their music, the production is pretty good and so is the vocalist – pretty good is probably a pretty good byword for this album, it is pretty good on all accounts. It works and you can certainly like and enjoy it.

It is an easy to take in album, simple music that sticks pretty fast. Problem could be that you also tire of it pretty fast. So even though they have improved since their first and worst thing, they haven’t taken that much of a step and while they are good their new album will probably not make much of a lasting impression. Fans of the band and of this genre will like it but overall it is an album that most of all can be described as Pretty Good and generally pretty good don’t quite cut it in today’s harsh musical environment.

When you play the video track, know that this is what you get; it is no more or no less than that. Decent stuff but probably more of an indicator of talent than a display of it, though I think that these Jedi can make something more great when they grow beyond the daycare state.






Label: Prime Collective
Three similar bands: Millencolin/The Wonder Years/Four Year Strong
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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