Dark Avenger
The Beloved Bones: Hell

1. The Beloved Bones
2. Smile Back To Me
3. King For A Moment
4. This Loathsome Carcass
5. Parasite
6. Breaking Up Again
7. Empowerment
8. Nihil Mind
9. Purple Letter
10. Sola Mors Liberat
11. When Shadow Falls

Mario Linhares - Vocals
Glauber Oliveira - Guitars
Hugo Santiago - Guitars
Gustavo Magalhães - Bass Guitar
Brendon Hoffmann - Drums

Dark Avenger (1995)
Tales of Avalon: The Terror (2001)
X Dark Years (EP 2003)
Tales of Avalon: The Lament (2013)


Produced, recorded and mixed Glauber Oliveira
Mastered at Fascination Studios by Tony Lindgren
Cover illustration by Bernard Bittler

Released 2017-09-01
Reviewed 2017-09-05


rockshots records

We get beloved bones from Brazil when we are dealing with the newest effort from Brazilian quintet Dark Avenger. It is album number four for the band, the fourth in a career now spanning 24 years, so they seem to be taking their time with each of those albums and now they have released the first part in what will be a duo of albums where this part is Hell and the second part is Divine. The story of this Hell part is about the mental agonies of living a life in a never-ending uncomfortable situation like living with a crappy job, a crappy wife, some drug abuse, owning a Kia instead of a car, such things. There are eleven of these mental states that are being run through this album.

They play quite typical heavy metal, there are no musical surprises and if you thought you would hear music that were agonising like the Hell theme of the album you are quite mistaken. It is quite standardised heavy metal, no surprises really. The songs feels like the usual selection, songs that are usually present on any heavy metal album. The sound is very good, I would claim that these guys know what they are doing and that they know how to produce a good sounding music. They have a pretty decent vocalist as well but they could use a tad more variation and the playing time of almost an hour is a bit on the long side.

It is a good album, the songs are strong and solid and the sound is good. It is an album that heavy metal fans probably will, it will not alienate any of them of any of their own fans but at the same time I doubt it will win them many new fans. Perhaps somewhat better than the vast majority but still not really anything that stand out very much. It is an album that will most likely drown or be lost amongst all those other albums being released in this genre, but it is most likely good enough to be enjoyed by their fans. A good show of heavy metal craftsmanship, that is probably as good a way as any to describe this album.

Solid effort from the Brazilians, solid but a little bit boring. Perhaps worth checking out for their fans, but I don’t think it is an album that will make that much of an impression on the world of music and not really much of an improvement or change from the predecessor that was a rather standardised album.




Label: Rockshots Records
Three similar bands: Lost Horizon/Crimson Glory/Steel Prophet
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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