Dante Fox
Six String Revolver

1. Firing My Heart
2. Lonely
3. Under The City Lights
4. A Matter Of Time
5. Still Remember Love
6. Lost And Lonely Heart
7. Remember My Name
8. All That I Need
9. I Can’t Sleep
10. How Do We Learn About Love
11. All That I Need ( Bonus Acoustic Version)

JSue Willetts Manford - Lead Vocals
Tim Manford - Guitar & backing Vocals
Alan Mills - Bass Guitar
Eric Ragno – Keyboards

Under Suspicion (1996)
The Fire Within (1999)
Under the Seven Skies (2007)
Lost Man’s Ground (2012)
Breathless (2016)


Production by Sheena Sear at M2 Studio's

Released 2017-11-24
Reviewed 2017-11-12


Dante Fox left some fans and critics breahless from last year’s effort Breathless which was a highly celebrated album, even we here at Hallowed said that it was great and we are usually more critical than most. I also interviewed the band then and Tim said that he liked the Swedish band H.E.A.T. whom we reviewed earlier this year and perhaps Tim would like to hear that Dante Fox is in my opinion much better than H.E.A.T. at least if we compare this year’s efforts. Six String Revolver is an album that revolves around songs from the early days of the Dante Fox saga, from their first two albums – albums that we can see on the cover of this album as well.

These old songs have been lovingly rerecorded and produced in the best possible way to give new life to these old gems. If you don’t know the band from before I don’t think you will notice that these are old songs as they feel very fresh and modern, though not really anything different from most AOR. Dante Fox is a female fronted AOR band and Sue has to be described as one of the best vocalists this genre has to offer. The songs are all catchy in nature and the production is excellent, the album feels rather fresh and the only thing I really miss is a rock ballad and perhaps the album could have been a little bit more varied.

I think that last year’s Breathless was a great album, but this album is probably even better with a little bit stronger songs and so on. Perhaps that is due to them selecting the highlights from two albums putting them together into one, though they should have found space for a real rock ballad – but that isn’t a big problem as they have put together an album of hit songs. The songs are great throughout the entire album but perhaps the three opening tracks can be described as the real highlights of the album with the first, Firing My Heart as the major highlight. That song is probably one of the better songs of the year as well – perhaps they could have spread out the best songs a bit more as the album now starts a lot better than it begins, that is not a big problem though as all tracks on the album are very good.

Fans of AOR should really like this album as it is amongst the best that has been done in the genre this year, and with so many great hit songs it is not possible to dislike the album. The small things one can complain about are just small things and none of them makes a very big difference to the bigger picture. Therefore I think the only conclusion has to be that it is an album that comes highly recommended for all our readers and AOR fans that don’t pick it up are missing something.



Label: AOR Heaven/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Romeo's Daughter/Airrace/Grand Illusion
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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