In Case You Missed It

1.Hold The Door
2.In Case You Missed It
4.Ready For The World
5.Never Know
6.TV Song
7.Our Last Exchange
8.Common Ground
9.Don't Feel Bad
10.Dark Circus
11.Opryland Lights

Michael Roe
Jon-Taylor Sloan
Chase Barham
Baxter Clifton

The Smallest Light (2015)



Released 2017-04-28
Reviewed 2017-06-25

no sleep records

In case you missed it Daisyhead released their second album almost two months ago, and I have reviewed it now. The second album from a band in the facebook-generation who don’t have a website and no place to find any good information on them, and who doesn’t know that facebook sucks as a source for information. They are a quartet from Nashville who has a nice cover on their second album that starts with a track called Hold the Door, which is an amusing title on the album’s best track. Otherwise I can simply say that in case you missed this album you didn’t really miss that much, you missed a decent album with one great track.

It is an album that is in the alternative rock genre, a touch of punk, emo, grunge is there but in generally I would say that they play pretty typical youthful alternative rock with the standard type vocalist and sound. It is no standout album and the songs are of the usual variation for an album in this genre, and the fact is that it is an album that probably is more destined to be forgotten than to be remembered. It doesn’t even take the 41-minute playing time to grow tired with it for the seasoned reviewer who listens to insane amounts of music each and every day.

But sure, it is a good album and the common buyer probably won’t be too disappointed with it, especially not with the first track Hold the Door that I find very good. It has good atmosphere and feel, but it sets a tone that the album cannot really live up to. And in the end I feel rather happy to put it into the virtual garbage bin on my computer and spend my time on the next album in the ever-increasing list of albums to review. I do throw it away wondering and pondering over who the audience for this album will be, and I am not sure that this is a band that will find many die-hard fans with this new album, it is too generic, a good album no doubt about that, but too generic to really make an impression.

I didn’t miss Daisyhead’s second album but it wouldn’t have been that much of a loss if I had. It is a middle-of-the-road album that doesn’t do enough to stand out in a genre that is about as overpopulated as most music genres are today. I think that if they are looking to be more relevant in the future they really need to find a fresher sound and up their performances and song writing skills quite a bit. In Case You Missed It is an okay album but not much more than that, you can listen to it and like it but it isn’t particularly memorable.



Label: No Sleep Records
Three similar bands: Can't Swim/Boston Manor/Have Mercy
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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