Cryonic Temple
Into the Glorious Battle

1. The Beginning of a New Era
2. Man of a Thousand Faces
3. All the Kingsmen
4. Prepare for War
5. Heroes of the Day
6. Mighty Eagle
7. Into the Glory Battle
8. The Speech
9. Mean Streak
10. Flying Over the Snowy Fields
11. Can’t Stop the Heat
12. The War is Useless
13. Heavy Burden
14. Freedom

Mattias L. – Vocals, Piano
Esa Ahonen – Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Markus Grundström – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Roland Westbom – Bass, Backing Vocals
Micke Dahlkvist – Drums

Chapter I (2002)
Blood, Guts & Glory (2003)
In Thy Power (2005)
Immortal (2008)

Karin Fechner - Vocals (tracks 3, 6, 5, 11, 13, 14)


Released 2017-04-21
Reviewed 2017-05-06

scarlet records

A fitting name for a band that have been in cryogenic suspension for almost a decade, and now that they return with their first album since 2008 they do so with an album that sounds typical of the power metal of the early 2000s. This new album has the typical title with ridiculous words like glorious battle and it looks sci-fi when looking at the artwork. And in the end I find myself listening to something sounding like from an era when power metal was popular but very few ground breaking albums were released and these guys were an also-ran back then and they are one now as well.

I know we reviewed Cryonic Temple when we did a printed magazine in the early 2000s, it was an album we didn’t fancy that much. I personally didn’t hear that particular album but this one sounds like many other albums I heard back then, albums I have now conveniently forgotten just like I will do with this one now that I have disposed of it with the other garbage. Imagination and relevance is not really things I come to think of when listening to this album, I don’t really know what I think other than: why is it so long? And then I also come to the conclusion that this album has been a waste of about ten hours of my life, which is kind of bad considering that I probably won’t live much longer than 600 000 hours and probably a third of them will be spent sleeping and another significant portion will be spent working. Those ten hours and the other thousands of hours I have spent working on similar shit is starting to feel rather bad.

My glorious battle is to still keep an open mind about albums when so many of them are as pointless as this one. Sure, I like power metal and this could be enjoyable for a while with its silly melodicness, catchy choruses and other clichés, some of the songs could almost be considered decent, but most of it is as uninteresting as watching paint dry on a moist autumn day. Did I write that it sounds like whatever from the early 2000s? It does and I am fighting that sense of boredom and pointlessness when writing this, and I just realised that I hope power metal never get another revival if albums like this is the result. 63 minutes of dribble, pretty good but still a giant waste of time.

Sure, if you haven’t heard enough albums that sounds just like this one and really like power metal you will probably like this album, it sounds pretty decent. But being creative in whatever field you work is about creating something new and interesting something that haven’t been done before, these guys aren’t and they probably never have been. They just copy what others have done and we get another power metal album about glorious battle, ridiculous eagles and heroes – just the same as always. There are many much better choices if you are looking for a new album to add to the collection.




Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: Hammerfall/Iron Fire/Helloween

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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