Cats in Space

1. Jupiter Calling
2. Mad Hatter's Tea Party
3. Clown In Your Nightmare
4. Scars
5. September Rain
6. Broken Wing
7. Two Minutes 59
8. Felix & The Golden Sun
9. Timebomb
10. Scarecrow

Greg Hart - Guitars, Vocals
Paul Manzi - Lead vocals
Steevi Bacon - Drums, Percussion
Dean Howard - Guitar
Jeff Brown - Bass guitar, Vocals
Andy Stewart - Piano, Synthesizer,

Too Many Gods (2015)


Produced by Greg Hart & Ian Caple
Engineered by Ian Caple
Additional engineering by Christoph Skirli & Mick Wilson
Recorded & mixed July to December 2016
Mastered by Adam Vanryne February 2017
Artwork by Andrew Kitson
Design by Greg Hart and Steevi Bacon

Released 2017-08-25
Reviewed 2017-08-05


Two years ago there were too many gods, and to be honest there still are way too many of those. But the cats have travelled onwards and crash-landed right behind a Scarecrow in some field somewhere. Not much has really changed for the cats in the two years that has passed since the debut, the craft is there, the name and the look with the humorous touches can still be seen and noticed. The music is also the same and while to would be a shame to claim that it is a clone of the predecessor it isn’t far from that with a style that is very similar to that. The lack of evolution is probably the biggest critique one can have towards this otherwise very strong album that can be said to be very much like its predecessor in every respect.

With purrfect catchiness they seduce their listeners and there is no risk of them scaring away any of their previous fans as this album is very close to being as good as their excellent debut. The sound is excellent, the vocals great, and I would claim that it is a very strong album that I have really enjoyed listening to. The songs are varied and the album short enough to fit on a vinyl album so it won’t feel long. The only reservation I can think of is the fact that they haven’t really gotten anywhere since the debut – it is great but it doesn’t have that great novelty that we got from the debut and perhaps that is the reason for this album not appearing as good as said debut.

However, you do not always need to create something fresh, new and exciting to be good and considering how great the debut was anything near as good will be well worth checking out. And this is certainly of that quality, just look at that great video track Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and that is not the only one of the ten tracks that shows great hit potential. I also think that the title track is worthy of a mention, and the other eight should probably be mentioned as well. The album doesn’t really have any weaknesses, all the tracks and every minute of the album is a great showcase of a great band doing a great album. An album I really like and have enjoyed listening to.

While I enjoy some great novelty when I take on a new album I think I can overlook the missing novelty on this one as it is a great and entertaining album. And I have actually ordered a vinyl version of it, which of course means that it is an almost purrfect album that you should have a look at, especially if you like Too Many Gods.





Label: Cats In Space/Cargo Records
Three similar bands:
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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