Catch Fire
A Love That I Still Miss

1. Poise
2. Curfew
3. Sylvester
4. Lucid
5. Reality
6. Guilty As Charged
7. Thin Ice
8. Sinking

Miles Kent - vocals
Tim Bell - vocals
Neal Arkley - vocals
Ash Wain - drums
Joseph Ryan Askew - bass

The Distance I Am From You (EP 2016)

Wes Thompson

Produced with Myroslav Borys at Jigsaw Audio

Released 2017-03-24
Reviewed 2017-03-25

rude records

Fire catching Brits from Nottingham probably will not spread their fire through their new EP as it is a rather unoriginal standardised, solid, modern pop punk EP. Twenty minutes and eight songs, is what we are getting from the quintet’s second release. And I find myself at a loss about what to write, the fire puns I have thought about seem kind of inadequate and the EP is neither good nor bad enough to really evoke much emotion. I kind of like what I am hearing but don’t really feel that the EP makes any lasting impression – it kind of just is, like an archetype of the average release in this genre right now.

They play pop punk as I stated, the vocalist sounds like any other vocalist in the genre, and his voice isn’t very special in any regard. The production is rather good but that isn’t special either, many bands have production of a similar quality to this one. The songs are not varied but the EP isn’t very long, there are no standout tracks and I don’t really think there is any kind of standout moment on this EP. I think this is as average as it gets.

I am not very impressed but it is still a rather good EP, as a critic I may be a bit on the kind side to give them a middle rating but I think the EP is rather good and certainly too good to receive a lower rating. I think the fire burns very weakly here and there is no real danger of fans spontaneously combusting from being insanely impressed by this EP. It may be the love these guys will miss in the future but one that most music fans will forget and never really miss.

Catch Fire’s new EP is neither fiery enough nor catchy enough to really make a difference, fans of the genre might have somewhat different views though. But I still think that this EP is one that is easily forgotten and not that impressive, I think that Catch Fire has lit a very average spark with this EP. Simple not good enough to really impress, nor bad enough to really disappoint – this might be the best example of average I have ever heard in this genre.




Label: Rude Records
Three similar bands: Can't Swim/Boston Manor/Safe To Say
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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