Black Aces
Anywhere But Here

1. Show You How to Rock n Roll
2. Anywhere But Here
3. Down
4. Better Off Dead
5. Where You Love From
6. Cut Me Loose
7. Good Woman (Gone Bad) 8. Run For Your Life
9. Short Changed
10. Show Me Your Love
11. We Came For Rock n Roll

Tyler Kinder - vocals, guitar
Alex McMillan - bass
Pete McMillan - drums
Jarrad Morrice - guitar

Shot In The Dark (2016)


Recorded at Thirty Mill Studios, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
Produced and mixed by Mark Opitz and Colin Wayne
Mastered by Andrew Edgson at Studio 301, Sydney
Cover Photo by Leon Schoots Photography

Released 2017-11-08
Reviewed 2017-11-06

off yer rocka

The aces of spades and clubs are returning with their second album where they claim to wanting to be anywhere but here, which I can understand considering there isn’t too much for a rock band to do here in Tandsbyn. So, they might be anywhere but here but I have their record and I have been listening to it for a while now, I can say that it is a rather energetic rock album. Their first album that was probably also an energetic piece was released in 2016 and the band was formed in 2007 so it took them a while to build the energy but now that they have they seem to be going strong and perhaps they will release their third album in 2018.

Stylewise there are no real surprises about this album; it kind of sounds the way it looks. Simple and straightforward rock music in the vein of countrymen AC/DC, perhaps with a slightly fresher sound and a bit more alive but kind of the same nevertheless. Some people would probably claim it is the album that AC/DC should have done, which is just idiotic to say – though it sounds kind of like a clone. No real variation over the ten tracks, the vocalist screams and lives around and the music is energetic with songs that are rather catchy but they all sound rather similar so picking a favourite song is like trying to pick your favourite apple from the apple tree – not really possible.

The singer isn’t good (kind of like it usually is in this genre), did I mention that? But the music is good and catchy; I like it despite boring vocals and also boring in terms of style. So, if I wasn’t a critic I might have been quite positive, but as a critic I am more mildly positive due to the lack of ideas and the fact that albums like these have been done in millions and this doesn’t really have enough to stand out from the rest I have heard. It is good enough to enjoy listening to but not really good enough to remember. I think fans of the genre might see it differently though and for them it should really be a no-brainer to pick up this album as it pushes all the right buttons and doesn’t break the mould so it should be absolutely perfect for the AC/DC, Bonafide, Rose Tattoo, or whatever else you can think of in this genre, fanatic.

In the end I think that it is a decent album, it is for the fans and no one else. And there are many who like this kind of music so they should have the potential to reach a wide audience, and perhaps they deserve it as well because they are good at their handiwork. No aces from me but I doubt I am their targeted audience anyway, and that audience should not miss this album.




Label: Off Yer Rocka Recordings
Three similar bands: AC/DC /Bonafide/Rose Tattoo
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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