More Pain, More Gain

1. Intro
2. More Pain, More Gain
3. Nightmares of My Youth
4. Royal Chains
5. Strong and United
6. What We Need
7. One More Night
8. Join Me
9. Redemption
10. Don't Bother Me
11. Outro

Titta Tani - vocals
Alberto Rigoni - bass
Alessio "Lex" Tricarico - guitar
Denis "Denzy" Novello - drums



Mixed & mastered by Federico Solazzo at Pannekoek Rehab Studio (NL)
Artwork by Laslzo “absurdcus” Demeter

Released 2017-04-15
Reviewed 2016-06-22

lion music

We are dealing with some badass Italians who cannot be claimed to badass at naming their band and their first album. More Pain, More Gain, perhaps they should have been taking a bit more pain in order to make some more gains on the naming front. But names aren’t what I am reviewing so what about the music? Is it a badass album? The musicians are quite so, the vocalist from DGM and well-known bassist Alberto Rigoni, so they certainly have the ground-works to make a badass debut album.

Their music is classic heavy metal, catchy and energetic with great vocals and fairly strong production. They go straight to the point with a no-nonsense approach, it will probably be liked by fans of the genre as it presses the right buttons. They could have used a bit more variation and perhaps a little bit more originality, I wouldn’t exactly describe them as the most creatively original band I have ever heard. And on the subject of things lacking, a bit more depth wouldn’t have hurt the album either. But with 40 minutes of playing time these little lapses becomes less of an issue, as the album is short enough not to become tiresome from the lack of depth and variation.

The thing is that with these badass musicians I had expected something more than the run-of-the-mill-album they are providing. I think they are not making an album that is up to their fullest potential, they should be able to make something a bit more original than what we get to hear when we are listening to this album. But we do get an album with great energy, some badass vocals and an overall very good album. I think that for a fan of classic heavy metal it could be worthwhile checking out this album.

In the end I think that this is a fairly good album, I like the energy and the vocals. The originality leaves a lot to be desired but the songs are good and while you are listening you are not really thinking about the lack of fresh thinking. It is a no-nonsense heavy metal album, good stuff plain and simple.




Label: Lion Music/Cargo Records
Three similar bands: DGM/TwinSpirits/Four Roxx Down
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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