Artificial Language
The Observer

1: Observer
2: The Grand Skeptic
3: These Aren’t Mirages
4: Unself Portrait
5: The Silver Chord
6: Change
7: Playing The River
8: Dirty Hands
9: Fortune Teller
10: Mazes
11: Turn Off The Pictures

Shay Lewis – Vocals
Victor Corral – Guitar
Charlie Robbins – Guitar
Joshua Riojas – Bass
Jonathon Simpson – Keyboards
Jeron Schapanksy – Drums




Released 2017-04-28
Reviewed 2017-05-10


So, it is time for this observer to have a look at the debut album of a band called Artificial Language, a debut album called The Observer. It is an American progressive sextet we are dealing with and though the American language could be said to be an artificial derivative of English, they don’t really sing in a truly artificial language like Norwegian or Klingon. They are said to have the tools to make a lasting impression already in their early days, or so does the press sheet state. So what about it?

They avoid the trap of the long songs and the endless album; no track is over ten minutes and the album as a whole is a little over 40 minutes. They also avoid being needlessly complicated, not that it is simplistic but they don’t end up doing pointless things just to make it sound more complicated. But it is still an album that will require some time to get to know well. Like much progressive music it is very well produced and it has much depth with interesting keyboard samples and passages, twin guitars and technically astute drums. I think the singer is very good as well, even though he does not sing in the Klingon language. I think would be cool with a band called Artificial Language who actually sang in an artificial language, perhaps they will in the future. That thing aside though, I think this is a quality production, especially considering that it is their first effort.

It is a very good album; certainly it is a rather memorable one. The songs are all strong, all eleven of them and I think this album has very much to offer. The track called These Aren’t Mirages is probably the best track on the album but none of the tracks really stand out, they are all very good and the album’s strength is in the overall quality rather than the hit potential in any of the songs. And it is a rather great strength that this album has, at least according to the observer writing this particular review.

In the end I think that we all can conclude that this is a very strong and very interesting debut, a great progressive album that has much to offer to everyone who enjoys great music. The guy who wrote that they had the right tools was certainly correct in that assumption and I think they could make a lasting impression on many who listen to their music. This observer can finally conclude that The Observer is certainly a good purchase for anyone who is looking for a strong showcase in the Artificial Language called music, be sure to check it out!





Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Haken/Leprous/Between the Buried and Me
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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