1. Desert Moonlight Spells
2. Only One Truth
3. Adonay
4. Possessed by the Sleep
5. Subordinate of the Devil
6. The Universe Secrets (Six)
7. Victims of Despair
8. Oiled Machine of Hate
9. Philosophers
10. Soulless Soldier

Butchered (Genie King) - Vocals, Bass
Gal Pixel - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Omri Yagen - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Assaf Kasimov - Drums
Eylon Bart - Saz, Darbuka and Backing Vocals

The War on the Wailing Wall (1999)
At War against God (EP 2001)
Satanic War in Jerusalem (2002)
The Demon from the Ancient World (2005)
Desert Battles - Descending to the Sands (2009)
Magen Jerusalem 7 (EP 2009)
Geniewar (2015)


Mixing and Mastering - Dory Bar Or
Cover Art - Bjorn Grasses
Cover Layout - Gal Pixel Cohen
Band Photo - Israel Shwartz
Drums and Percussions Sound Engineer -Barak paraynte
Recording January-March 2017 "The Urban Cat studio" Jerusalem

Released 2017-09-22
Reviewed 2017-10-10


transcending obscurity

Of course it is album number six for the Israeli band Arallu, an underworld band from the holy city. It is simply called Six and is a showcase of how black metal meets traditional middle eastern tones with classic instruments and that sort of thing. The music is far more exciting than the cover art which is probably the way it should be though, one would want the music to be more exciting than the cover. And the exciting stuff we get are ten strong songs of the black metal variety, the more interesting kind of the black metal variety.

With a strong production, variety and depth they offer a black metal that doesn’t conform to the typical standard of black metal. It is well produced, the growling is good as well. The album has ten songs and they play for little under forty minutes and with the variety of the album there isn’t a high likelihood of this album getting dreary. It builds on strong melodies and a bit of darkness but also with the sense of hope just to spice it up a bit perhaps. You could compare them with the three similar bands, but also with the likes of Al Namrood and other like them.

It is a very good album, appealing in nature with very good songs all through the line. I don’t really have any favourite song amongst the ten, they are all very good making the album a very strong one. It is always great to get something from a band that thinks a little outside the box, they have a fresh sound and I would describe their music as interesting, perhaps even exciting. And I can also recommend that you have a look at this album, especially if you like any of the similar bands I have mentioned.

I don’t think I need to write any more than that; this sixth album from this Israeli band is certainly well worth checking out. Six is a great album with great songs, it has no real weaknesses just a high quality from start to finish. You should check it out, I can promise you that it will be worth it.




Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Three similar bands: Rudra/Demonic Resurrection/Melechesh
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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