Adrenaline Rush
Soul Survivor

01. Adrenaline
02. Love Like Poison
03. Breaking The Chains
04. Soul Survivor
05. Stand My Ground
06. My Life
07. Break The Silence
08. Sinner
09. Shock Me
10. Wild Side
11. Don't Wake Me Up
12. Crash
13. Soul Survivor (acoustic version - bonus track digital version)

Tåve Wanning - lead vocals
Sam Söderlindh - lead guitar, vocals
Alexander Hagman - guitar, vocals
Joel Fox - bass, vocals
Marcus Johansson - drums

Adrenaline Rush (2014)


Produced by: Fredrik Folkare
Engineered by: Fredrik Folkare
Mixed by : Fredrik Folkare
Mastered by: Erik Mårtensson

Released 2017-04-21
Reviewed 2017-05-02


Well, one thing I have noticed when reading about this band on the internet is that it is difficult if not impossible to find people writing about the band without reading comments about the singer Tåve Wanning’s looks. I thought they were making music but she looks good and watching their music videos might create an adrenaline rush in the old rocker guys out there. This is the second album of Adrenaline Rush and it offers a dozen songs, it follows their self titled effort that was released in 2014 and the cover really says it all about what you will get from it.

Classic hardrock with female vocals, with plenty of energy and strong production – that is the diplomatic way to describe this album. When it comes to singer Wanning I think that the eyes are more satisfied than the ears, she doesn’t really impress me other than as the cover model. Other than the vocals I think the song writing is a weak link here, as they don’t write good enough rock songs to really blow anyone away. It sounds kind of like much female fronted rock/hardrock/metal music; kind of typical and you could almost call the song writing tired or lazy. And I also think the album is too long and it lacks variation, so you grow a bit tired of it even though the songs are quite good.

I think that it is a rather good album, with pretty good songs and most of all great energy and powerful music. Too bad the song-writing isn’t as good as the performers and that she isn’t that good a singer, I think you could be excused for thinking that Adrenaline Rush have a record deal more because of her looks than the quality of their music. It is not that the music is bad; it just isn’t interesting enough to catch anyone’s attention. But sure, the album is really a little bit better than this review makes it appear, the problem probably is that I hear way too many albums like this, albums that fails to make an impression on me.

No adrenaline rushes for me, despite the energy. And no song really make that much of an impression, sure they are good but ultimately they are forgetful. Albums like this, very average ones, are really difficult to write about but in the end I came up with a rather pointless review of a good but rather pointless album.






Label: Frontiers Music
Three similar bands: Lita Ford/Doro/Warlock
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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