A Killer's Confession

01. Awakening
02. Spawn of Seven
03. Rebirth
04. A Killer's Confession (feat. Brian Head Welch)
05. 1080p
06. Final Breath
07. L.O.L.
08. Reason
09. Sympathy (feat. Kimberly Freeman)

10. I will define (with Dead By Wednesday)
11. Judas Kiss (with Revillusion)
12. Letting Go (with Amerakin Overdose)
13. Purification (with HEX)

Jon Dale - drums
JP Cross - bass
Waylon Reavis - vocals
Matt Trumpy - guitars
Paul Elliott - guitars


Brian Head Welch
Kimberly Freeman

Co-Produced by Reavis and Thom Hazaert with Engineer/Mixer Richard Easterling at Richmond, KY’s THIRD SKY STUDIO

Released 2017-04-28
Reviewed 2017-05-09


emp label group

Today I have a killer’s confession to take into account, the killer called Waylon (not Smithers) is a former Mushroomhead and this is the first time he confesses to his crimes – could that be something? He stands unbroken in the delivery of his confession, it is told in a passionate and rather powerful way in thirteen chapters and 47 minutes. This confession has great depth and it has power as well as variation.

It is told in modern industrial metal or nu-metal, whichever label you like to use. Good variation, strong vocals and powerful production are all things that can be said about Waylon’s first confession. A confession that brings out 1080P, some reasons, and a killer’s confession of course, as well as many other things. A very well produced album with a strong selection of songs, with good depth and variation but perhaps he could have made his confession somewhat shorter. However, that might be nitpicking a bit, I hear that it is good for the soul to confess your wrongdoings.

And this confession is very interesting, strong and emotionally delivered. I think this is great stuff. I like the tracks and I especially like the high definition one called 1080P that will have a successor called 4K on the next confession. Besides the 1080P highlight we also have a great track called A Killer’s Confession and the acronym L.O.L with the parenthesis Life of the Lost. Those are the greatest tracks on this great album, I think A Killer’s Confessions modern and powerful music has very great appeal and it sure makes for a great time listening.

So the answer is yes, it certainly could be. It is something I can recommend for anyone into the heavy music, especially if you are into the more modern stuff. This killer and his confession certainly is worth taking a closer look at, it would almost be a bit dumb to miss it – It is great stuff!




Label: EMP Label Group
Three similar bands: Mushroomhead/Korn/Dead by Wednesday
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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