Common Ground

1. Lead Us Home
2. Convictions
3. Everything I’ve Ever Known
4. Enemies

Tom Fieldhouse - vocals
Max Oliver - guitars
Shreedhan Vaidya - drums
Sam Whittle - bass




Released 2016-05-06
Reviewed 2016-06-08


This British band vexes their listeners by spelling vexes the wrong way, and they are still looking for common ground. Funny dark cover artwork and four tracks is what we are getting on this EP that is the debut of this band. Personally I think common ground isn’t really what musicians should if they are looking to create the best possible work of music – if selling music is their thing though, you often have to be boring to reach as many as possible. But I am not saying that they are boring, they spell vexes with two xx’s, how fun isn’t that?

Musically it really feels like they are looking for common ground rather than finding a path of their own, the four tracks play for fifteen minutes and doesn’t really show that much of themselves as it sounds much like any other band described as alternative rock. Sure they do what they do well, their sound and production is strong and in the ending track they have a rather catchy tune that is certain to strike a chord with most people and I highly doubt that many will find this album band as they do not really take any turns away from that smallest common denominator that has made albums like Slippery When Wet very successful but oh so boring.

This is less boring than said Bon Jovi album but not really that interesting either, it is good but as I stated before I don’t really think common ground helps from an artistic standpoint. Good title though. Fans of this genre will most likely find this EP quite appealing but I doubt they will really find many real Vexxes fans, their music is a little too anonymous for that and the only thing that might make anyone take real notice is the fact that they spell their name with double x.

The ending track is really great but the rest of them are quite drab, and Vexxes doesn’t really make much of an impression on me. But Enemies is a good thing and it proves that this band isn’t as boring as they may seem as first glance. They don’t really have that much common ground with me but they are not too bad but I would have liked to have a bit more individuality.



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Mallory Knox/Arcane Roots/Biffy Clyro
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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