Uriah Heep
Totally Driven

Disc One
1. Gypsy
2. Traveller in Time
3. Bird of Prey
4. Sunrise
5. Rain
6. Come Away Melinda
7. Return to Fantasy
8. Look at Yourself
9. Come Back to Me
10. The Easy Road
11. Sweet Freedom
12. Why Did You Go?
13. July Morning
14. Easy Livin’

Disc Two
1. Between Two Worlds
2. Only the Young
3. Different World
4. Love in Silence
5. Blind Eye
6. Wonderworld
7. Stealin’
8. Time of Revelation
9. Cross That Line
10. More Fool You
11. Universal Wheels
12. The Golden Palace
13. Lady in Black

Bernie Shaw - lead vocals
Mick Box - guitar, backing vocals
Trevor Bolder - bass, backing vocals
Lee Kerslake - drums, backing vocals
Phil Lanzon - keyboards, backing vocals

1970 Very 'eavy... Very 'umble
1971 Salisbury
1971 Look at Yourself
1972 Demons and Wizards
1972 The Magician's Birthday
1973 Sweet Freedom
1974 Wonderworld
1975 Return to Fantasy
1976 High and Mighty
1977 Firefly
1977 Innocent Victim
1978 Fallen Angel
1980 Conquest
1982 Abominog
1983 Head First
1985 Equator
1989 Raging Silence
1991 Different World
1995 Sea of Light
1998 Sonic Origami
2008 Wake the Sleeper
2009 Celebration
2011 Into the Wild
2011 Live in Armenia
2015 Outsider


Artwork by Igor Morski
Recorded in 2001, previously released under the name Remasters
Produced by Pip Williams

Released 2015-11-27
Reviewed 2016-01-09


I suppose you have to be totally driven in order to keep making music for over forty years and to keep going around the world performing that music in front of audiences. This what the legendary band called Uriah Heep has been doing, they released their debut album back in 1970 and their latest album came early last year. This collection of rerecorded songs was recorded back in 2001 by the longest running line up of Uriah Heep amongst others featuring the late Trevlor Bolder. It was originally released back then as well under another name and it ran out of print very quickly so this may be for all of you who didn’t get the collection when it first was released. So, what shall we then say about this collection of 27 classic Uriah Heep songs from their illustrious career?

Well, we can say that the songs bear their trademark and should we really need to bring you an introduction to how the band sounds? Anyway, lots of organs of course, heavy songs, powerful songs, strong vocals from Bernie Shaw, great variation and two hourse of well put together song material. I think this is a testament to the longevity of great songs, this was recorded fifteen years ago and is still fresh and interesting and some of these songs were written more than 40 years ago and still works brilliantly today. One cannot really say anything but great production about this double album that features some of the band’s greatest hits very nicely updated.

Excellent! That is the thing we can claim when talking about this new album, the songs are wonderful and many of them can be described as timeless classics. It is really the only Uriah Heep release you need as it contains what make this band great and it has enough music to keep you occupied for a long time, and on the subject of time the two hour playing time is very manageable when it comes to this release. I really like it and can play it over and over again. Sure it has been released before and sure we have heard the songs before so we cannot claim originality hear but the collection is so wonderful that if you haven’t already got it, it should be a great addition to your record collection.

27 great songs and picking favourites isn’t the easiest but there are some Uriah Heep songs that have made a greater impression on me, like Return to Fantasy with great drive and character, Easy Livin’ is another great song and I also really enjoy Look at Yourself a little extra – the three mentioned can be said to be a little bit standout amongst the rest but that is a very little bit as the entire album is really great. With slight reservations for the fact that it is remade songs and the album has been released once before I recommend this album and I know that I will buy it.



Label: Uriah Heep Records
Three similar bands: Ken Hensley/Vengeance/Demons & Wizards
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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