Roger Pedersen
Guitar Madness and Other Nice Songs

01. Classic Maniac
02. Sweep Sheep
03. Leftovers
04. Sicko
05. Just Over Those Hills
06. Response to Bullshit
07. Tribute
08. Acoustic Fingerspitzengefuhl
09. The Swarm
10. Snacks
11. Bazinga
12. And a Bottle of Rum
13. Twilight Zone
14. Save Me From Myself (feat. Johannes Støle)

Roger Pedersen - guitar, bass and some keyboards
Johannes Støle - vocals
Todd Sorensen - drums

Kernels In A Popcorn Machine (2010)
More is More (2013)


Recorded and mixed at Great Fun Studio
Mastered by Chris Sansom, Propeller Mastering
Photo by Kenneth Midtbo
Cover design by Ken Arve Jonassen

Released 2016-05-13
Reviewed 2016-06-20


west audio productions

Roger Pedersen is a Norwegian guy who knows how to play the guitar with impressive technique and virtuosity; that is if I paraphrase the press sheet that came with the album. Guitar Madness and Other Nice Songs, isn’t that a brilliant title of an album that contains some guitar madness – or a lot of it. There is a lot of promise to this guy, again according to what the press sheet says, who has been heard on Norwegian TV and everything.

He is album, whatever that means, mostly instrumental. There are thirteen instrumental tracks on the album where five of them are acoustic and eight electric, and just to appeal to some with taste for the more commercial vein of rock music there is a more poppy song with a vocalist called Johannes Støle. Lots of variation, fast finger guitar playing and everything is what we get with this album. It is also not too long so you will not grow bored with it, there is a lot for the guitar fetishist to enjoy on this album. The production is excellent on both the instrumental stuff and the track with vocals and Johannes is a good vocalist that helps that song to possible success.

You should get ready for a doze of craziness before taking in this album, it starts with a maniac and ends with a cry to be saved from myself, isn’t that wonderful? The album itself is quite great, especially the instrumental guitar madness. The ending song with vocals is a rather typically styled commercial rock song and to me the album wound have been just fine without it but it could be a good way for the album to get noticed in a wider circle. I think this album has a good drive and energy, great songs and everything – I think I can recommend this one for you, especially if you are one who enjoys some fast fingering on strings.

All the songs on this album are good, I especially like how Roger responds to bullshit and his classic maniaking that opening this album. Then I also like the one called Tribute and my favourite one is the penultimate track that is called Twilight Zone, it could also be known as Scary Door in an animated show that I sometimes watch. So, if I am to decide I think that you ought to buy this album – now I am not the one deciding but you really ought to listen to my perfect advice, or Pepper’s purrfect advice. Some madness, so can I write that it is crazy good? – guess I can.



Label: West Audio Productions
Three similar bands: Heaven/Seagall/Steve Vai
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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