Heaven Below
Good Morning Apocalypse

01. Nefarious Angels (feat. Jason McMaster)
02. Renegade Protest Movement
03. Follow Me Under
04. Devilina And The Damage Done (feat. Kobra Paige)
05. Nightfall Comes To Life
06. Killing The Deadman
07. Running Under Satan’s Hand (feat. Lita Ford)
08. Death Battalion
09. Bonded By Blood
10. Black Sunrise/War Of The Gods (feat. Udo Dirkschneider)
11. Among The Wolves/Worldwide Suicide
12. I Would Do It All Again/Burials At Sunset

Patrick Kennison – Vocals & Guitars
Lucas Kanopa – Guitars
John Younger – Bass
Shad Wilhelm – Drumsone

Countdown to Devil (2009)
Falling From Zero (2012)

Lita Ford
Jason McMaster
Udo Dirkschneider
Kobra Paige
Operatic Soprano on “Among The Wolves/Worldwide Suicide”: Mary Whitman
Voice of Corporal Todd Grant: Brandon Molale
Voice of Dr. Faust and Drill Sergeant: Noel Jason Scott
Voice of Devilina: Jes “Gazer” Fama
News reporters on “I Would Do It All Again”: Elizabeth Bogush and Lukas Reiter

Produced by Patrick Kennison
Co-Produced by Jesse Billson
Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Billson
Additonal Mastering by Bill Metoyer

Released 2016-10-14
Reviewed 2016-10-11

mausoleum records

As titles go, Good Morning Apocalypse have to be one of the better ones out there. And the cover that goes with it also helps the album to appear very interesting. There are also some strong rock profiles present on the album, like Lita Ford and Udo Dirkschneider so if famous rockers are of interest to you it can appear very interesting. There are many things written in the press sheet as well, the most ambitious project of the band so far, and William Shatner have been working with the band on a previous occasion as well – how about that? A band who have done a cover of Rush’s Subdivisions with William Shatner can’t be bad, can they?

There is much to write when it comes to background and people concerning this band, it is harder to think of anything to write about the music and that annoying blinking line keeps telling me to write something but I can’t think of much. Classic hard rock music with the classic riffs and all that kind of stuff, they also mix it with some modern touches, some soprano vocals and that kind of thing. The female vocalists are really good while the guys are typical rock vocalists and Udo sounds like he usually does. And even though they narrowed their selection from 30 to 12 songs it still feels like it goes on for too long.

I would say that besides some nice and interesting additions like the female vocal parts it is a very ordinary album, not at all an interesting apocalypse story that awakens my interest and makes me able to write anything about it. There are so many albums like this one and this is neither better nor worse than those, just one more of those that I play some times, write something about and then throw away. Heaven Below fails to create music worthy of their title and their cover art, it is a shame because who doesn’t want to say good morning to the apocalypse?

It isn’t the apocalypse I wanted and it is neither good nor bad, just boring. I guess you could say that it is surprisingly devoid of character for an album with those rock characters. Yeah, mediocre is how I would describe this album.  



Label: EMP Label Group
Three similar bands: Union Underground/Broken Teeth/Watchtower
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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