Halcyon Hope
Onwards to Fracture Town

1. Against the Wall
2. Wear Me Like a Crown
3. Marshland
4. Once a Sleepy Backwater
5. Clandestine
6. Beggars Belief
7. Fawn
8. Mono in Stereo
9. Bitter Rain
10. Burning Effigy
11. A1
12. Tomorrow

Nicolaj Rosander - Bass, Vocals
Jacob Meldgaard - Guitars, Vocals
Miki Petersen - Guitars, Vocals
Thomas Thøger Barlach - Drums



Mixing engineer: Peter Lehman
Mastered by Alan Douches of West Side Music in New York

Released 2016-10-07
Reviewed 2016-09-24


prime collective

Onwards we go to a town called Fracture Town on the debut album by this Danish quartet called Halcyon Hope, a band who is probably hoping for great success with this debut album. The artwork however, isn’t very successful with two feet maybe on their march onwards to the town in question, or onwards to great success. But will this first chapter in the album catalogue be good enough to give them great success?

Well, I think it might be good enough. Emocore, pop-punk almost a touch towards skatepunk at times is what we get from these guys in a fairly varied album that has a dozen tracks and plays for 45 minutes. I think it is probably quite easy to pick out bands that have inspired these Danes but I will not bore you with name droppings and instead say that it is an energetic and catchy album that goes in a very positive mood – I would say that it is an album that can make you smile and it has a strong production, strong vocals and most of what you can hope for from an album of this style. Sure, they aren’t the most original band I have heard but they have a relatively fresh sound in a genre that is quite difficult to vary.

Thumbs up for this album and I don’t really find any major weaknesses with it. It is a strong album with good tracks all the way through and if you really want to nitpick I think that the one small issue with this album is that it hasn’t one of those super-hit tracks that makes you stop in your stride and just listen. On the other hand there is that positive thing that the album seems to be without filler tracks or weaker tracks, and I would think that there is still some great hit potential in the songs. It is a great album with much to enjoy.

Against the Wall and Fawn are two of those potential hits on this album an album that I can warmly recommend to anyone reading this webzine. It is an album that brings a smile to the face, and one I think will be worth having a closer look at. Not the cover art though because that is quite ugly but the music is much better than it looks – I think its great.




Label: Prime Collective
Three similar bands: Brand New/Taking Back Sunday/Blink 182
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Ratings: Daniel Källmalm

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