Grand Massive

1. Deliver Me
2. Power Of God
3. Taurus
4. Horseman
5. The Hunter
6. Massive Of The Sun
7. Souleaters

Alex Andronikos - vocals
Peter Wiesenbacher - guitar
Jochen Boellath - guitar
Toby Brandl - bass
Minke Malte - drums

Grand Massive (EP 2009)
2 (2015)

David Johannesson - guitar

Recorded at Weltraum Studio with Corni Bartels, at Wellenwerkstatt with Matthias Wimmer and at Sunride recording with Pedro Rodriguez
Mixed at Greyhate Studios by John Hermansen
Mastered at Stage One Studio by Andy Classen
Artwork by Alex Andronikos

Released 2016-09-30
Reviewed 2016-09-28


We have some grand and massive Germans to deal with this time, and that is actually for the third time hence the claver title. Judging by the artwork made by the band’s vocalist one might think that it is something heavier, harder hitting and more massive that we get with this album. And that is actually precisely what it is; heavy stoner rock/metal is what these guys put up on offer.

A good strong production with massive sound, great heaviness and lots of power and character, I would say that they keep it dirty enough to be really appealing. They have a good vocalist for the genre and they offer up an album that is short and to the point with only seven tracks and a good playing time. They may not really be walking down paths that are less travelled but they do what they do really well and when you do that originality becomes less important.

I like this album; it has what I want from a stoner rock/metal album. Heavy and powerful songs, and lots of appealing melodies and songs. Though, I have to say that I find it hard to jot down very much about it, as it is what you expect and very good at it, not as inspiring to write about as it is to listen to it. That makes it difficult to find superlatives to throw around so I will not do that and instead I make a point in stating that it is a strong album once more.

The opening track along with the ending track are the two that I find very appealing, six of the tracks on the album are very appealing to me while the middle one Horseman is a rather dull middle of the road track. I can’t help thinking though, that it might actually be what that track is for – a little break in the middle. And with that I have run out of letters to write and just end by saying that I recommend this one as it is a massively good album.



Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Sparzanza/Mustasch/Foo Fighters
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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