Crimson Fire

1. Awakening
2. Take to the Skies
3. Right Off the Bat
4. Young, Free, Lust
5. Hunter
6. Bad Girl
7. Master Your Destiny
8. Knightrider
9. Only the Brave
10. Her Eyes
11. Vengeful Spirit
12. Eternal Flame

Stelios Koutelis – Guitars & Bg. Vocals
Johnny -B- Britsas – Vocals
Nemo – Bass & Backing Vocals
Kostas -Gus- Exarhakos – Drums

Metal Is Back (2010)



Released 2016-06-03
Reviewed 2016-05-30

pitch black records

Born out of fire, like the Phoenix they rise for their second album Fireborn. I am of course writing about Greek band Crimson Fire who follows their 2010 debut Metal is Back with this new offering, are you as excited as I am about this? Actually, I am not that excited about a band born out of love for the heavy metal of the eighties that is said to have all the riffs and licks associated with that kind of music. But their cover is nice so if I just judge the album by its cover it could be interesting so lets do that.

Musically it is heavy metal, classic eighties style with higher pitched vocals, classic riffs, the licks you can expect, catchy and repetitive – it is very easy to take in as the songs are very simplistically built and offer no surprises. Predictable is the first adjective I come to think of when listening to this album, and that is also the lingering adjective I think of when having heard the album several times. Fans of classical and typical heavy metal will probably find this album quite appealing, even playing time and variation is quite stereotypical of this genre. Did I mention that the singer is pretty good; the same can be said about the production.

Yes, fans of the eighties styled heavy metal will probably find this album rather appealing; I know I thought it was quite good at first glance. Then I listened to it one more time and was really taken by how repetitive it was and listening one more time it made me realise that they play simple tricks and catch the listener at first and then bore them later on. It seems appealing at first but then it is not so fun and as a critic I cannot really say that this is anything but a relatively good but also extremely boring album that I have a hard time seeing a point in as this kind of album has been done so many times already and too many of those times have been better than this album.

If you are a fan of this kind of music I guess you won’t hate this album, it is quite an okay album but not really anything special. Some will probably like this album but I really seriously doubt that this album will be remembered by anyone 2017.



Label: Pitch Black Records
Three similar bands: Mystic Prophecy/Katana/Strikelight
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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