Boneyard Dog
Bluebound Train

1. Atchafayalla
2. Mother Lode
3. Kingdom of your company
4. Lonely Road
5. 100 Guns
6. Bluesbound Train
7. Paid my dues
8. Lay down the law
9. Hell and Back
10. Heartbreaker
11. Fire down below
12. Boneyard Dog

Rob Mancini - Vocals, Bass
Davy Kerrigan - Guitars
Tony Carey - Keyboards
Ron Wikso - Drums


Mark Lynn – Bass
John Pratt – Backing vocals & Choirs
Geoffrey Spool - Harmonica

Recorded at Total Control Studio Austin/Texas and GMG Studio ONE in Donegal/Ireland
Produced, mixed and mastered by Rob Mancini

Released 2016-11-25
Reviewed 2016-12-03



We find ourselves on a bluesbound train with some guys that have a long history in music. The quartet called Boneyard Dog has tons of musical experience and they are putting that to work when creating their debut album. The band may be debuting but guys like Tony Carey and Ron Wikso probably doesn’t need any introduction and founding members Rob Mancini and Davy Kerrigan are no newcomers either, together these guys create a classically styled blues rock album bound for the blues.

Stylewise they are not that interesting, their rock music feels very familiar and at first I thought it was too familiar and not particularly good. But this is an album that grows on you, where you discover new depths for each time you play the album. The production is very good and I can see that there is lots of merit in this album, despite its lack of originality. I would describe it as these guys have taken their knowledge and gathered it to create a really strong blues-rock album.

I always enjoy it when a tired old genre gets a spark of life from a band that takes the best parts of the genre and makes it work, perhaps one last time. I would recommend this album mainly to fans of blues-rock but I think most fans of music will enjoy this album thanks to its great songs and great melodies. You who are not fans of blues-rock might need to play the album a few times to really get into it. The best tracks are Lonely Road, the title track and the ending Boneyard Dog, these stands a little above the other good tracks on this album.

I think this is a rather strong album, all the songs are of a high calibre and besides not being very original I don’t think the album has any weaknesses. I enjoy this album, it is a very good one and I recommend that you check it out as I think it is well worth giving it some time.



Label: AOR Heaven/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Hotwire/Crush/Scar For Life
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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