1. 11111011000
2. Another Day In Hell
3. The Dark Breed
4. Cabin On The Hill
5. Forgotten Souls
6. Ghost Brigade
7. Path Of Sorrow
8. Final Destination
9. End Of Days
10. Born In Flame
11. Of Pawns And Dragons

Carsten Frank - Vocals
Björn Spier - Guitar
Tobias Liedke - Guitar
Matthias Brandt - Bass
Philipp Horst - Drums

Phobia (2010)


Artwork by Carsten Frank

Released 2016-09-16
Reviewed 2016-09-15


A thorn from Germany have been thinking much about what would happen if a meteorite struck the earth and turned people to walking zombies. The press sheet talk about space western and things like that and one can be forgiven for thinking the concepts sounds a tad familiar with things like Walking Dead, Mad Max, Firefly, Armageddon and whatever else that is out in the screen entertainment world. Maybe they watch sci-fi and maybe they like scenarios when our world is turned upside down because that is what the story of this album revolves around. The artwork is pretty cool and I think that this album promises a lot just from concepts and artwork.

When listening to it I also realise that it delivers a lot, a lot of heaviness in a kind of melodic death metal. They tell their story with power and melody, I like the growls on this one as they are actually a lot better than we usually hear in this genre. And while their style may not be unique in itself I think they have a pretty personal and fresh sound, they are a band that you notice. Their power, imagination and production quality certainly makes this one of the most interesting melodic death metal albums I have heard in a while, and the refreshing doomsday theme certainly makes it even more exciting. One thing is strange though, the title of the opening track it could be binary but isn’t as binary are eight digits not eleven, but maybe they have some idea with it, û.

For us forgotten souls I think the fifth track is a powerful apparition, one of the best tracks I have heard within the melodic death metal genre and it makes you want to return to the album over and over. I think they succeed well in telling their story and I am quite sure that you will agree with me if you give it the time and the chance. These German doomsday prophets certainly brings half a smile to your face and you can always crank up the volume to annoy those extremely annoying neighbours that really deserve to end up in an apocalypse.

This album comes highly recommended as their adventures are half-clever and the music is excellent and it might actually be the number one melodic death metal album I have heard this year, at least it is among the best. A top album with great songs, judgment day vibes and almost everything you want from an album, I have ordered the super-limited steelbox version of this album – I think that says all you need to know.



Label: Dr. Music Records/Soulfood
Three similar bands: Nevermore/Hate Eternal/Whitechapel

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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