Last Days of Eden
Ride the World

01. Invincible
02. Queen of the North
03. Bring me The Night
04. The Last Stand
05. Ride The World
06. Land of the Rain
07. Here Come the Wolves
08. Moonlight
09. The Spell
10. The Piper's Call
11. Paradise
12. Brothers In Arms
13. A Game of War
14. Into The Deepest of My Mind

Lady Ani – Vocals
Dani G. – guitar & vocals
Gustavo Rodríguez – Bagpipes
Juan Gómez – keyboards
Adrián Huelga – bass
Alberto Ardines – drums




Released 2015-11-27
Reviewed 2015-11-14

pride & joy

From listening to the Spanish band who call themselves Last Days of Eden one could imagine that the final moments of Eden before God kicked man out were quite boring. Ride the World is the debut of Spanish sextet calling themselves Last Days of Eden, the band members are mostly known from other Spanish power metal acts. The cover looks fresh and exciting you got to love lighter coloured metal covers, they are way too few and far between. And that they are female fronted is another exciting thing, I like female fronted metal and beforehand I would say that it looked hopeful for this album. But for some reason they decided that fourteen tracks was a good idea and to have a sixteen minute completely forgetful track also appeared to have been a good idea in their minds – I can assure you that I don’t think so.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Musically it is all about the symphonic gothic power metal that we all know and enjoy, comparisons with bands like Nightwish is inevitable. They are not offering anything we haven’t already heard, so you cannot really salute them on that aspect. But they do know how to perform and produce a good sounding album, and the singer is very good as well, giving life to the songs with her excellent singing. Decent variation and depth through the songs but they cannot really even dream of keeping me interesting for the seventy minute duration of this album, and that sixteen minute epic the press sheet blabbered about – how the hell does it even sound? I have so much lost interest when that thirteenth song starts that I don’t even recall ever hearing it when playing parts of it just now when I write about it – completely forgetful. Still, overall it is a good production.

A too long production, just because you can make an album way over the hour doesn’t mean that you have to. Why is “less is more” such a hard thing to implement for some bands, I think they could have skipped the ending four tracks as it is impossible to care for this album for such a long time. I usually play through albums twice or trice when finishing it for a review but I could not muster to play this even once the last time I listened to it, it is too long and the end is too dull. And that is really a shame as I think the album is great in the beginning, the first eight or ten tracks makes a fantastic album, too bad they decided to waste my time with additional thirty minutes in the end. If they had only cut those last four tracks the rating would have been higher.

In the end I think this album is good, just above average and that is only because they don’t know when to stop. Tracks like the title track and opening Invincible are just fantastic, amazing and wonderful tracks. I really enjoy the early part of this album, but the end is absolutely meaningless to me and before I go and do the same thing as the band does. I keep this review relatively short by saying that Ride the World is good but could have been a lot better if someone had been a little bit more selective with the songs put on it.



Label: Pride & Joy Muisc/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Evenoire/Operatika/Nightwish
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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