Lost Salvation

1. All That I Have
2. Lost Salvation
3. These Four Walls
4. Scapegoat
5. Resurrect Me
6. Left It With The Gods
7. Good Sky
8. Dematerialize
9. What You Need
10. Wiseman

Matt Mitchell - Vocals
Alex "Nickel" Bowen - Bass
Lee Farmery - Drums
Luca Faraone - Guitars
Tiago Rosado – Guitars

Gravitas 2012

Chris Green - Guitars

Produced by Rick Beato
Mixed and mastered by Rick Beato and Ken 'GL' Lanyon at Black Dog Studios, Stone Mountain, Atlanta

Released 2015-02-23
Reviewed 2015-03-03


dream records

Furyon’s back, we had to wait for three years but now they are back with a new album called Lost Salvation. Their first album was well received by us here at Hallowed and by some other reviewers, and this new one has also been reviewed well by many reviewers but looking at the ratings and which ones that has given them it is a bit of a silly thing to quote these guys as they think everything they review is a timeless classic. Now this album will be reviewed by someone that is more critical, and looking at the facts it looks promising with the same producer as before and roughly the same five guys and so on. It looks exciting indeed but facts and figures are one thing, it is what hides behind the sales talk and all of that which is the important bit.

Stylistically it can be described as quite heavy AOR with quite a bit of energy and it brings us music that goes in a pretty high tempo for most of the album. It is ten tracks and 44 minutes of playing time which makes it a fairly dynamic album that is varied enough to remain interesting throughout the entire album. The vocalist is very strong with a voice that is both good and has some power and energy to it – works perfectly to the music on this album. But it is not only the vocals that are very good; also the guitars are very strong with both energy and feel to them. I might also add that the production is very solid as well and for those of you who know the band’s first album I can point out that this album is both better produced and has better songs than that album.

I think that the band has taken a giant leap forward in their music evolvement and managed to do something really good out of that difficult second album. That is impressive indeed and like that wasn’t enough I am thinking that they also manages to avoid sounding too much like anything else. At the same time that is also their major weakness, that they do not really bring out much novelty to the scene and in the long run they need to thread even further from the mainstream. Still, that is not a major issue as I think that they still sound interesting and fresh enough to be relevant. It is a great album in any regard and they have crafted solid songs and managed to make an album without fillers by being clever enough to adhere to the “less is more”-motto. I like this album - I like it a lot.

I can recommend the album for anyone but especially those who like the more melodic part of the hardrock or metal genre, all the songs are good but there are a few that stand out a little more. The title track is one of those tracks and then we have the track called Left it With the God, both of these tracks are amazing and they have that common denominator of being uptempo songs with great energy – hadn’t it been for the times in the musical business I would assume tracks like these could be massive hit songs. It may actually be the lost salvation for those looking for a great melodic rock/metal album but for me it is a very enjoyable album that I recommend that you take a closer look at.



Label: Dream Records/Cargo Records/Rock N Growl Promotion
Three similar bands: Midnight Blue/Black Stone Cherry/Alter Bridge
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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