Roller Coaster

01. Swallow The Saint
02. Heartache
03. Roller Coaster
04. Rockstar
05. Cheap Trick
06. Drag You Down
07. Heart’n'Soul
08. Feels Like Yesterday
09. Beer On The Table
10. Bottom Line
11. Better Being You
12. Cry For Help
13. Drag You Down feat. J.K.

Reto Thalmann - vocals & guitar
Pascal Fuchs - guitar
Ruedi Kälin - bass
Armin Brühwiler - drums

Platinum (2002)
Fulltime Joker (2006)
The Other Side (2009)
Unbounded (2012)

Hammon Wurlitzer, Piano: Jimmy Bones
Featuring Manu Burkart
Percussion: Walter Keiser
Banjo, Lap Steel: Jackson Smith
Cello: Pavel Sotovsky
Backing Vocals: Michael Bormann
Fills: Maxk Shildknecht

Produced by Al Sutton
Co-writing by Michael Bormann
Recorded at Rust Belt Studios, Detroit, USA
Mixed By Al Sutton
Mastered by Jim Kissling
Executive Producer Tempesta

Released 2014-10-10
Reviewed 2014-10-07



We are taken on a ride on the swiss roller coaster offered by Tempesta, a quartet that has twenty years of experience in their baggage and this is their fifth album which they call Roller Coaster. Tempesta is a band who seem to be flying a bit under the radar, they are not reviewed much inte the international media on the interweb and I could only find one review of this album and that is only a few days before it will be released. That review was very positive though, much like the standard case on the internet. So what about the Hallowed view, are we positive as well? After all we tend to be a tad more critical than most. The cover and photographs through the booklet has a cool atmosphere, but what about this roller coaster then?

It is a rock album, commercial in its foundation with catchy song and such. The variation is great, they go fram quite aggressive, heavy, to quite soft and melodic. And they do have a great production as well as a singer that fits excellently into the puzzle that their music is. I also very much like the guitars which I think has a very punchy feel to them. This is a truly solid production, it is clear that these guys really know what they are doing and they have had some song writing help from Michael Bormann who is probably most known for being the former vocalist of Jaded Heart. The variation should keep the album interesting from start to finish as it isn’t an overly long album that has a dozen tracks, thirteen if you count the bonus track which is a duplicate of the sixth track in a slightly different version.

And it is a great album, surprisingly good I would state. Impressive is a word I could use as well. All the songs are good, I wouldn’t describe anything of this album as a negative as everything is good. It is a likeable album as I have already stated and I think it will appeal to anyone as it is easy enough to take in with its catchy and fairly commercial sound. But despite this commercial sound I think they have a very personal sound, they don’t quite sound like anything I have heart, but at the same time they do sound like a lot of other bands. That is a great feat to pull off. The german reviewer I referred to described it as an orgasm, if you are driving a powerful car and playing the sixth track Drag You Down while pushing the throttle pedal to the floor that is completely true. Very much so.

Picking a favourite track is fairly easy, the sixth track Drag You Down is impressive. It is a great track, and one I can play on repeat a few times when I play through this album. That track is also made in a slightly different version featuring some guy and is the bonus track that ends this album and that video ends this review. It is not as good in this version as it is in the original one. But there are more tracks worthy of a mention, like the opening track Swallow the Saint that is one of the better openers of I have heard when it comes to these kinds of albums. Rockstar, Heart ’N’ Soul and Feels Like Yesterday is another trio of tracks I think is merited an honourable mention amongst the top tracks on this album. And let us not forget the title track which is another bright shining thing in a bright and shining album. Just get yourself a powerful car place this album in you car stereo, crank up the volume and let the horsepowers loose. Then things will surely happen.



Label: Fastball Music/Sonic Revolution
Three similar bands: Jaded Heart/Five Finger Death Punch/Gotthard
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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