01 Eyes Of A Storm
02 Truth Taker
03 Digital Dreamer
04 Never Enough
05 The Castaway Crown
06 Anesthesia Throne
07 Luxuria
08 I, Avarice
09 Frozen Earth
10 Clarity
11 The Singularity Heart

Mike Semesky - Vocals
Lars Christensen - Guitar
Jesper Andreas Tilsted - Guitar
Jesper Kvist - Bass
Jeppe Christensen - Keyboards, Vocals
Morten Toft Hansen - Drums

Velvet Noise - 2001
Confusion Bay - 2004
Death Pop Romance - 2006
Wasteland Discotheque - 2008
A Discord Electric - 2010


Produced by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios
Cover artwork by Lars Christensen

Released 2014-11-21
Reviewed 2014-11-10


Danish sextet Raunchy are back with a raunchy sounding album about vices, virtues and visions. Their musical vision may be intact, the vision of the cover artist and the ones working with the ideas for the cover art seems a bit difficult to fathom but then again the artwork is not the most important thing anyway. This album of raunchy things is the sixth of the band and the first with the new singer as well as the first on the new label. So how about it?

Well, those of you who have heard the band before will recognise yourself. They do keep to their sound while still managing to feel relatively fresh so that the album sounds like something new and exciting. The music is modern metal with some aggression and also melodicness. The vocals are clean and aggressive, lots of power in those. The production is modern and good, maybe not the best from Jacob Hansen but still very good for this kind of music. The sound is fresh and interesting and the album is relatively varied over eleven tracks and a playing time just clear of the one hour mark. But you will not really think of the fact that the album is that long, maybe it is down to the depth in the songs.

I like this album, it is strong, powerful and yet melodic. It presses the right buttons for those who enjoys this kind of music and for those who have enjoyed the band’s earlier work. It is an enjoyable album, that’s for sure. I like it a lot. I think this ranks amongst the top works this band has ever done even though the songs are quite evenly matched, none of them stands out in either direction. It is all good songs and all are enjoyable to listen to which may be why none of them is really that memorable compared with the others but the album is quite memorable in itself. As I stated earlier, it is an album well worth having a closer look at.

A fresh and interesting album, it is strong and melodic, heavy and exciting. I like it a lot and can recommend it to any of you who are not fixated with things being in a certain traditional way. Traditionalists might disapprove slightly because they may not always be orthodox within the confines of the heavy metal genre. But I think that bands who sounds fresh and wants to go their own way are always interesting and good and this is just slightly off the most threaded paths and that is enough to make it feel fresh. So if you like modern metal or Raunchy’s earlier work then you have something really raunchy to sink your teeth into with this album.




Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Mercenary/The HAARP Machine/Mnemic
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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