The Green River Burial
Separate & Coalesce

Label: Bastardized Recordings/Massacre Promotion
Three similar bands: The Acacia Strain/Mychildren Mybride/Nasty
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Cold Sweat
2. No Tomorrow, No Regrets
3. Colossus
4. Loose Lips
5. The Big Rip
6. Bullsharks
7. Sink Ships
8. Matriarch / Utopia
9. L’étranger
10. The I Am
11. Reinvent the Real

Mert Ücüncü - Vocals
Moritz Spahn - Guitar
Philipp Sevatschouni - Bass
Tom Belz - Drums



Artwok by Coma Graphics
Mixed by Daniel Haniß of dhTone-studios

Released 2012-11-02
Reviewed 2013-01-09


Not the greatest band name I have ever seen, neither do they have the best title and the cover artwork leaves a lot to desire as well. Fortunately it is not from intelligence of naming and quality of artwork we are to judge the debut album by germany’s metalcore outfit called The Green River Burial, it is by quality of music. There is a lot said of course about how the music is a melting pot of the band members’ different inspirations and the band states that it is rather a feeling or emotion than any particular style and it is definitely not average. Well, we shall see.

The thing that strikes me when listening to this album is that it is a powerful album, we can say that it is some sort of death metal with hardcore elements thrown in like the vocals and breakdowns and such to name a few. I am not sure about the uniqueness of this band though, they say everything but average but their musical style is certainly average. The production is quite good and the album feels built on a solid foundation, average but solid. About the variation, there isn’t much to talk about there either just a regular flow of songs that is common on the metalcore albums. So, I would say that the impression this album gets is one of it being heavy, a powerful album I suppose you could call it.

Is it anything to write home about then? Well, not really, unless you are a collector of this kind of music but otherwise I would say that it is one for the archive beneath the kitchen sink. Not that it is bad or so but it is one of those albums that doesn’t really do anything for me as a listener, lets just say that it is one very average album, 41 minutes of averageness to be exact. It is solidly made and all of that but it feels as though it doesn’t quite go anywhere just some screaming and banging and heavy. A rather dreary piece of music is what it is.

So, let us bury this one and move on was my thought before I started writing this review, it is okay in the regard that it is not bad but not much more than that though. They will have to do better than this if they want to be successful.


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