The Fall From Grace
The Colours of Change

1. Introvert
2. Static conclusion
3. Retribution Revolution
4. Charades & Apathy
5. Resistance Is Futile
7. If Only These Walls Would Sleep
8. Our Beloved Nights
9. Ihaterobot
10. Dim the Lights
11. Funeral for an Enemy
12. Extrovert

Miki Horsbøl Petersen - Vocals, Guitar
Thomas Buris - Guitar
Mikkel Søder - Bass


Patrick Rosenfeldt - Drums
Brian Laurenborg - Drums

Produced & Mixed by The Fall From Grace and Christian Bonde
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New York, USA
Design and art direction by Nicolei Martin Aagaard Rasmussen

Released 2012-05-18
Reviewed 2013-02-07

schizofrenic inc

From introvert to extrovert, this is where these guys go in their debut album called The Colours of Change. I don’t think the danes mean change in terms of reinventing a genre or anything but as a movement through human personality from said introvert to extrovert behaviour. The cover art surely shows a place where I’d rather be and as that wasn’t enough they’ve had some prominent figures help them in the production of this album. For instance Christian Bonde who has also produced countrymen of Siamese Fighting Fish who’s latest album definitely was one of the most positive surprises this year. So, high expectations should clearly be merited considering with whom they have worked. Two EPs has come from these guys before but this is the first album and I have not heard anything from these guys before this album.

An album that sounds modern, fresh and has a fairly exciting sound. The singer is not that impressive, I would say that he is fairly anonymous in his vocal performance. The music is not that anonymous, quite emotional and fairly raw with some growls added for good measure, not much but enough to destroy the songs. The production is very good, excellent sound. The album is not very long but it is fairly varied and it feels very well thought out, like a range of emotions flowing through it. An impressive debut is what I think you could call this album, at least in terms of the sound and production. Post Hardcore or Emo are genre names I have seen in conjuncture with this and I think Emocore would not be a poor thing to call the genre.

I think this is a good album, strong performance and good raw energy as well as emotion flows through the album which I think has its strongest point in the dynamics of it. The weakest point is probably the lack of that very strong hit song. It has a dozen of good song that display a range of emotion and all of that but no powerful hit song that really make them stand out. I think that maybe in their pursuit of a great sound they kind of lost a sense of spontaneity and became a bit too careful hence loosing a touch of raw emotion that makes a good album in this genre into a great album. So I think it is a little bit of an opportunity wasted, this album could have been better.

The Colours of Change is a strong debut and I think an album to look closer at if you are a fan of the genre. I would call it an enjoyable album on the whole, a bit forgetful due to the lack of a hit song but a good album nonetheless. I think that this is an album that shows more promise than it delivers and this promise states that they will deliver big in the future. I think The Fall From Grace is a name to remember and one that will be hearing much more from in the future. In the end we can conclude that it could have been so much better but nevertheless it is a very good debut album.



Label: Schizofrenic Inc/Discretion is Paramount Records
Three similar bands: Thrice/Underoath/Thirty Seconds to Mars
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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