Rust n'Rage

1. Road To Nowhere (Instrumental)
2. Secret Highways
3. Hotter Than You
4. Locked n’ Loaded
5. This Time
6. Hit The Ground
7. Thrill Me
8. Where The Angels Go To Die
9. Hollow Life
10. Sounds Of The City
11. Black Rose

Vince– Vocals
Eddy– Bass
Jezzie– Drums
Johnny- Guitar




Released 2013-01
Reviewed 2013-01-28

ektro records
karkia mistika records

That is a funny name, rusting finns are pouring with rage or something like that. Their debut album called Showdown has a backside as frontside, kind of like a typical cover artwork for a glam rocking band which these guys seems to be. They are said to be adhering to the teachings of so called rock gods like Mötley Crüe and their likes. One would suspect that this quartet offers music of no real news value with their debut album that is released in january 2013.

Musically it is something of a glam rocking album, it offers nothing new or earth shattering with this debut album consisting of eleven tracks built around strong choruses and a slightly dirty melodic sense. Not much in terms of variation either but modern production which one might expect from an album being released today, nothing overly impressive here either but it does its job and so does the singer. The album itself plays for just short of fifty minutes which is a normal playing time so one would have to call this album a fairly average one in terms of the production side.

And on the quality side it might be on the upside of average, nothing dramatic here but a good album to listen to albeit not being something that you will remember particularly well once it ends. It will most likely appeal to the fans of the genre, a genre that has been dead for a while it seems but it seems to be on the rise for a while now and these guys seems to be in line with the times in a sense. They do what they do well and their debut album is certainly one that is a fairly good listen. I would have liked something that really stood out and caught my attention though, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it is a good album.

These finns offer us a good debut album, it has catchy songs and it is a good one to listen to. I have enjoyed listening to this album for a while now and the only weakness it really has is that it does feel somewhat dated and that it isn’t quite memorable enough to really grab my attention. Which is why I would say that if you enjoy the glam rock or the glam metal stuff, then you’ll probably enjoy this album as well, it is a good one.



Label: Ektro Records/Karkia Mistika Records/Infektion PR
Three similar bands:
Mötley Crüe/Guns n’ Roses/Hanoi Rocks
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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