Resonance Room
Untouchable Failure

1. The Great Insomnia
2. Cages Of Dust
3. So Precious
4. New Life
5. Naivety And Oblivion
6. Outside The Maze
7. A Picture
8. Unending Loss
9. Prometheus
10. Faded

Alessandro Consoli - vocals
Riccardo Failla - guitars
Alfio Timoniere - bass
Sandro Galati - drums

Unspoken (2009)

Marco Garro - synth, keys, programming
Antonio Condorelli - guitar solo on Faded

Recorded at R.H. studios (Catania, Italy)
Mixed and Mastered by Graziano Manuele at Ueickap Home Studio
Artwork and Layout by Sandro Galati

Released 2013-03-18
Reviewed 2013-04-25

my kingdom music

An early thought when seeing the title of Resonance Room’s second album was: wouldn’t it be fun if the title was a self-fulfilling prophecy? To be frank though, it wouldn’t as failed album is no fun to listen to. This italian quartet has been silent for four years since their debut album, now they shows signs of life again. They do it with a morose looking pyramid, like some sort of dystopian version of Abydos or any other pyramid filled place in the universe. It looks exciting. I like the darker sides of things, the morose and the forbidden, the darkness is exciting. And I am a rather morose person as well so it fits my personality. Well, if the contents of the box is the same as the cover of the box.

And the cover represents fairly well what to expect on the album, darkish gothic metal with some doom influences and some progressive influences. It is also a very atmospheric album, the tempo is often quite low and the atmosphere rather dark. The vocals are really good and so is the production, I think that we can conclude this to be a quality product. The mood is a bit morose and gloomy, the soundscape exciting and the variation good. I don’t know what else to add about that, it is perhaps an album for the one that has a bit of a darker mind. Maybe it is for those who are not the ever happy optimist, it is for all us realists who see the world for what it is rather than through rose tinted glasses.

I think we can call this a really good album, impressive production. I like this album and I can recommend it for anyone who likes the gothic, the doom and gloom or just the dark. It is an album with a few excellent songs and other fine songs that fill the playing time, 53 exciting minutes of good atmosphere and refreshing darkness. There isn’t really any point in writing that much more about that really, it is simply a good album and the best tracks are the opening two and the one called Prometheus which all makes you want to hear the album again, and again. I think it is an impressive album.

However, all is not fantastic and amazing. Most of the time it can’t be and if there is something to point a finger at on this album it is the fact that it really offers nothing new. We have heard it all before and quite many times if we are those who are listening to this kind of music regularly. That can be a bit of a downer but this album is so well made and so interesting and exciting that I can overlook that and I can just get down to it and just listen. I think Resonance Room’s second album has a lot to give anyone but especially those into this kind of music. At the same time it does leave room for improvements, so who knows what the future might have on offer for these guys. But let us not speculate in that now, lets just enjoy some brilliant darkness.



Label: My Kingdom Music
Three similar bands: Porcupine Tree/Katatonia/Riverside
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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