Maleficia Lamiah

01. Maleficia Lamiah
02. Grave Cardinal
03. Gift to Transgress*
04. Black Sun White Light*
05. Take her anytime (The Longboatmen cover)*
* available on LTD 500 Gatefold Vinyl only

Carolyn Hamitlon-Giles - Drums
Peter Hamilton-Giles - Vocals, Guitars

The Crooked Path (2008)
Black Axis Abraxas (2009)
Baron Citadel (2010)
Pombagira / Eagle Twin (Split 2010)
Iconoclast Dream (2011)


Vic Singh - photo

Released 2012-03-18
Reviewed 2013-01-30

black axis records

This british duo has a weird name that might be some female spirit or something in that fashion in some southern hemisphere religions with names that seems quite weird to us, they are releasing their fifth album which is said to be their most dreamy yet. It is said to be erasing the lines between dreams and reality, and sure enough the artwork is certainly like a nightmare. A big thing is also made of the collaboration with a photographer who photographed for a certain small band called Pink Floyd, I don’t know what on earth that has to do with quality for this album but it might be something. It is a story in two long acts being told over a period of 40 minutes, which is exactly the same time it takes to read a 400-page book which would make this a novel of a fair length told in just two chapters. Maybe that works better in music for than in book form.

Psychedelic is a word commonly used in conjuncture with this band and that along with heavy, dark and dreamy is probably the best way to describe how this album sounds. The tempo is slow and the variation is quite small with vocals way down almost hidden in a wall of sound. The singer by the way sounds somewhat like Ozzy Osbourne did way back in the day when he sang on the early Black Sabbath albums, nasal and quite weak that means for those of you who have not heard the early Sabbath stuff. The production could have been better but it is alright so no complaints there and the overall feel is that this is a band with their own idea on how to make their music which is always good, at the same time it does not feel that different from what has already been made.

I think this is a good album in general and I certainly have no real things that I think are bad or poor, the album is solid and the duo of songs that are a quintet if you buy the limited edition vinyl album are quite strong. Still, it feels to me that something is still amiss for it to reach really far into greatness, something is missing for it to really reach out and grab my undivided attention. Therefore I would call this album a good one but not as good as it could have been.

So in the end, if you are a fan of the psychedelic vein of the rock music then I am sure you will find this interesting enough as well. So, you’d better check it out as it is an interesting and quite exciting album. It may not quite attract me or my attention because I felt it lacked something to really stand out for me, it is a good album and a well made one so I would not be surprised if you are impressed by it. That means that before I confuse everyone completely I can conclude that this album is a rather good one and well worth checking out for a fan of the genre.




Label: Black Axis Records/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Pink Floyd/Amon Duul II/Caravan
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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