Too Many Reasons

1. Man On Fire
2. Precious

3. I Will
4. Tell Me
5. The Sins Of Yesterday
6. You're My Addiction*
7. Too Many Reasons
8. To The Extreme
9. The Words You Say
10. Life In Color
11. A Part Of Me
12. Kites**
13. Nothin' Like You
14. Baby Come Back

Guitars: Peter Beckett, Rob Math, Michael Hakes
Bass: Ronn Moss, Michael Parnell
Keyboards: Peter Beckett, Michael Parnell
Drums: Michael Parnell, Steve Plunkett.
Lead Vocal: Peter Beckett except ** Lead Vocal: Ronn Moss

Player (1977)
Danger Zone (1978)
Room With A View (1980)
Spies Of Life (1981)



Released 2013-02-22
Reviewed 2013-02-13


Eons ago, when dinosaurs were still the dominating species on this earth, a band called Player made their latest album to date. Thanks to clever people at Frontiers they have identified some amber with mosquitoes inside, some of these still had blood from Player members inside them and thanks to clever genetic engineering they were able to recreate these figures. I learnt this from the tour of this little new park which was thought up by John Hammond and this tour had a video explaining this DNA thing and how they managed to bring some dead species back to life, although this tour came after the same Hammond had said “welcome to Jurassic Park!

Dinosaur rock it could be called, not very heavy or energetic and I doubt it will appeal to sauropods or any other of the bigger beasts in the park. I think this album is a bit of a mystery as well, the production is very weak compared to most Frontiers album which are usually always well produced, even the bad albums are but not this one. And it is a hell of a long thing as well, almost like the neck of a long necked dinosaur with its hour long playing time. It is not very varied either and the only thing that stands out a little is the track Kites which feels as though it doesn’t fit in on this album and would be more logical on an epic power metal album.

I think there are too many reasons to count for why this album is no good, but let me just count one or two. The album has no soul, energy or feeling. The songs are decent but thanks to the three things I just said it is boring. It is too long and too poorly produced, it feels about as ill conceived as the computer- and security systems in the jurassic park, a place where these guys fit in very well amongst velociraptors and t-rexes. Listening to this album for an hour is long no matter when you listen to it, and there is no tracks standing out, except for the twelfth track Kites but that one is because it feels wrong on this album but it is a quite nice track to listen to and to me it is the best one on this yawn of an album. And the question is why on earth this was even released or conceived but I guess it was because of Frontiers love of bringing back every modestly successful dinosaur that has ever appeared.

There are really too many reasons to why the dinosaurs should remain extinct and this fifth album by Player hardly does anything to change that fact. A boring and pointless album that would really have been best undone just like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, some ideas are just inherently bad.



Label: Frontiers Records
Three similar bands: Heartbreak Radio/Mark Spiro/Sonic Station
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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