Kovat Ajat EP

Side A
01. Häviäjä itsekin (0:44)
02. Katastrofin uhalla (0:36)
03. Sotaa vientituotteena (0:56)
04. Sukupuuttojen maa (0:49)
Side B
01. Taantuma (0:31)
02. Kovat ajat (0:59)
03. Heikompi aines (0:42)
04. Sotaa (0:29)
05. Kadotuksen ytimessä (0:30)

Joel Neves - Bass
Harri Kuokkanen - Drums
Ville Valavuo - Guitars
Jussi Kaskinen - Vocals

2011 Varman tuhon merkit (cassette)
2012 Jälkiteollinen painajainen (7" EP)



Released 2013-03-29
Reviewed 2013-10-22

ektro records

This EP will make you run through a stone wall” reads a statement in the press text for this very short EP. The press text is about as short (it probably took less time to write than the EP takes to play). I think they mean that from a suicidal point of view, fortunately the shortness of the EP prevented such an occurrence on my part, I save the stone wall for another release. Undoing Hard Times E.P. I read on the cover which features someone lying on the ground, probably drunken out of his head or something like that. It just does not look like it will be good and the cover doesn’t lie in this case.

This is a terrible EP or 7” vinyl as it is. It is so poorly produced that you come to imagine that the sound was recorded from a playback made on a macbook pro computer and then recorded by that same computer’s built in microphone. It sounds that bad, cheap and with very few redeeming features. The vocals are brunt and completely inaudible so if there are lyrics written anywhere you just have to take their words for it. Maybe the titles are all wrong as well, who can tell? Judging by the titles they sing in finnish as well, so does makes it even more difficult to make out something of value in that thing. The music is simple and straightforward, it sounds angry but also cheap and a bit unimaginative.

Now, this kind of violent punk/hardcore/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is not really my thing. It feels like it lacks direction and is all about making as much ruckus as possible and not really aiming to make good songs. A good song is not a half minute discharge, it is something thought out with a melody and a direction. This EP has none of these things, it sounds cheap and it sounds bad as well. I do not like it.

I doubt that many will like it, sure it will appeal to a very small group of people who wants their music to be as far away from the civilised world as possible. Sure, I have nothing against taking some distance from what we call life today but I still want my music to make sense and not just sound good on a sheet of paper. This is why I will conclude that very few will ever find this EP and even fewer will find it of any value whatsoever. To me it has no value, to me it is a dull piece of noise and that is not my description of something good. I think most of us does best not to bother with this.



Label: Ektro Records/Full Contact Records/Infektion PR
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Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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