Path of Samsara
Black Lotos

01. 11
02. Black Lotos
03. Queen of Skulls
04. Lighthouse
05. 13
06. A Flame Rising
07. Fields of 1000 Fires
08. Prayer to my Mother beyond
09. The Altar
10. 21
11. Mahakala

Benjamin H. - vocals & bass
Niko B - vocals & guitar
Sebastian H. - guitar
Benjamin K. - drums




Released 2012-12-07
Reviewed 2013-06-11



Walking the path of samsara is this band who recently released their debut album, or so I think as the world is not overflowing with info about these guys. Not even their website is clear on this matter. Still, I believe it is a debut album and it has a grey looking cover which is fine by me. I like the cover art, the album looks interesting to me. But of course, some times looks are deceiving so what about this black lotos? Is it anything to have?

I suppose it depends on your preferences, but it is alternative rock/hardrock with some gothic touches as well as some progressive touches. It is an album with eleven tracks but there is a track called 13 and one called 21 which is strange. The production is quite strong, I like the soundscape and the album has a nice greyish atmosphere that compliments the songs really well. There are eight songs and three short tracks on the album making the count of tracks eleven and the playing time near fifty minutes. Not overly varied fifty minutes I might add. Still, it feels like a quality production to me.

And it also feels like a quality album, the strong soundscape paired with solid musicianship is well worth giving a few minutes of your time. I think though that the album could have been better as proven with the brilliant title track which stands really unrivalled as a solid hit song. The rest of the songs are fairly strong but nothing that really floats my boat. The track placement leaves a bit to be desired as the first real song is the best which sort of makes the rest of the album fail to live up to what was shown in the first hand. So an album that starts brilliantly and then dozes off more and more for each passing moment.

So, in the end I think we can conclude that this is a good album. Especially a good debut promising much for the future considering how good the high notes are, but other than that it is a fairly good listen. Not the best thing I have ever heard but far from the worst either and the great title track does make it worthwhile so if you like alternative rock music then I think you should have a look at this one.



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Manic Bloom/Wake The Children/Naked Empire
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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