City of Glass (sampler)

1. South of Heaven
2. A Scanner Darkly

Gal Shochet - Drums
Or Lubianiker - Bass
Idan Harat - Lead Guitar
Idan Liberman - Vocals and Guitar



Written by Idan Liberman
Produced by Yossi Sassi of Orphaned Land
Recorded by Liron Schaffer @ Bardo Studios, Israel.
Mixed by Liron Schaffer @ Zaza Studios, Israel.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum @ Maor Appelbaum Mastering, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Released 2012-10-12
Reviewed 2013-01-16


“How did I get this far south of heaven?” that is what the singer of Oceanic asks in the opening track of the duo of tracks on this sampler which contains three tracks and some bonus material if you buy it from their bandcamp site. They are an Israeli band who’s work was produced by countryman and musical genius Yossi Sassi who’s album from last year I really liked. It seems as though they are using this sampler to try and raise money to record their debut album City of Glass.

It is progressive or alternative rock we are dealing with here, not very complex in general but the songs are rather varied and has some interesting time signatures through them making it thought-worthy songs. It is a well produced work this one with excellent sound and really good dynamics which fits the dynamic nature of the songs rather well. The singer is alright but I would have liked a singer with more character and a more interesting way of singing, not a big problem and the two songs at this sampler may skew the picture slightly but I have listened to some more songs by the band and they feel about the same actually but as the material don’t quite reach and longer playing time it is still rather difficult to really tell. I would however describe this as a high quality production with very atypical and interesting music.

A good sampler that is mainly a good indication that we can expect a really interesting album from these guys, but is it worth to spend money to buy this sampler? I am not so sure about that myself, not that it is particularly expensive with less than three pounds for the physical copy and less than two for the digital, but is the extra stuff worth that. But if you look at it as an investment to make the band finish their debut album it might as well be worth that small amount of money. It is good music so I am sure you will listen to it if you buy it, I know I have liked listening to these guys.

A sampler well worth having a look at, it is a pair of good tracks that I have enjoyed listening to, good dynamics and feel. I think this is a band well worth having a closer look at and I know that I am looking forwards to their upcoming debut album because I can guesstimate with a decent amount of certainty that it will be a great album. So, check out these guys and if you want an album, buy this sampler.



Label: independent
Three similar bands: Yossi Sassi/Orphaned Land/It Bites
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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