Plastic Planet

1. Shining Stardust
2. Down In The Garden
3. My World Today
4. Neon Smile
5. Shanghai Basement
6. Diesel
7. Old Fashion Doors
8. Plastic Planet
9. Once Upon A Time
10. Much Better

Fabio Calluori - Guitars
Antonio Pucciarelli - bass
Tommy Box - Vocals
Sergio Duccilli - Keys & Programming
Nicolas Calluori - Drums

Cities and Faces (2001)


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Fabio Calluori at Sonic Temple Studio
Cover photo: by Ciro Fundarò
Digital treatments and layout by Francesco Palumbo at MKM Graphix

Released 2013-02-04
Reviewed 2013-02-05

my kingdom music

Strange name for a band one can say, kind of a naked band I suppose but they probably don’t make good on their name. Their second album which follows twelve years after the 2001 debut could be seen as a reflection of the times we live in with all the plastics used in Skodas and other cheap rubbish it is easy to think the world is overflowing with plastic which would make plastic planet a good moniker for our planet. But then again it can be something completely different and the title just seemed a cool thing, what I do know about these guys is that they are italian and that they are compared with bands like Joy Division or Sisters of Mercy and some more in the press information. So now you see what is namedropped all over the place, what about the album?

I think that the first thing striking me with this album is the electronic side to it, kind of a catchy disco mood made in a blend with gothic metal. I think those electronic tunes can be compared with bands like A-Ha or other synthpoppers, but then we have added the gothic metal stylings with vocals of that style and also guitar sounds of that style. It is fairly heavy despite the catchiness of the synthpop tunes which adds a quite interesting touch to the music of these guys. The singer is quite good I would say and in this case we can even live with the italian accent he has and added to that we have a good production making this a really solid album and I would say that it shows all the signs of a quality production. And it s short as well with a playing time of just over 36 minutes through the ten tracks it is comprised of, but what about the quality of the songs then?

The ten tracks are all really good and I cannot really see any moot points of the album as it is strong from the beginning all the way to the end, the catchiness is quite infectious when listening and it is hard to avoid singing along with the tunes. It all starts really good with two of my favourite tracks from the album Shining Stardust opens the album greatly setting a good tone for it to keep and then we have Down in the Garden which I also really like. The album then keeps going in a high standard all the way to the end. Then before the end we have the impressive title track which just may be the best one on this album that is a really good one.

An impressive second effort by these not very dressed italians, well worth having a closer look at. Especially if you like things a bit different, a bit gothic or just catchy as hell.



Label: My Kingdom Music
Three similar bands: Joy Division/The Cult/Paradise Lost
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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