My Endless Wishes

01. Follow The Light
02. Cry For Deliverance
03. A Part Of Me
04. Lost Without You
05. Angel
06. Waiting For A Sign
07. Paradise
08. Searching For A Hero
09. Before I Say Goodbye
10. Stronger
11. Silent Tears
12. Once Again

Frida Viberg (Vocals)
Martin Viberg (Guitars)
Magnus Källström (Bass)
Fredrik Pernros (Guitars)
Erik Ekestubbe (Drums)



Recorded at Production House Studio, Örebro
Produced by Fredrik Eliasson

Released 2013-03-29
Reviewed 2013-06-05

doolittle group

It's actually only one thing that annoys me with My Endless Wishes and it's their silly love lyrics, which is quite a stupid thing to get annoyed about. It's not that the lyrics makes that much difference anyway - I've always said that, people can sing about whatever they want (even decapitating pets and eating children) as long as it don't compromise the music and I can't really say the lyrics does that on this album.

My Endless Wishes plays a melodic form of hard rock with female vocals. It's been a popular genre for a few years now and by now we've got more or less everything in any imaginable shape and form out of it, which has made it harder and harder to get noticed in the genre. My Endless Wishes comes very late and try their luck in this genre so they'll probably won't have any free rides anywhere and without putting any further values in to the judgement I must say it's quite comfortable to have My Endless Wishes in the ears. The music flows smoothly, everything flows nicely and it's very melodic. Frida Viberg on vocals also have a soft and pleasant voice to hear.

I wouldn't recommend this with married couples is band considering that it's both a tense process working on an album and then you might get a bit naive when it comes to judging the other persons performance and that you just don't communicate the truth fully but despite Frida and Martin being the foundation of this band and also a married couple I think they seems to manage a professional level on their work, which is a recognition of them as musicians because it's a strength to be able to separate your private and professional work.

The album information say one thing I think is pretty peculiar, that the band use "real strings" (in contrast to unreal, or what?) to create a great atmosphere. Sure, I'll give them that the strings enhance the melodic and pleasant vibe I mentioned earlier but not even the strings being "real" saves the strange vocal melodies, which sounds almost desperate from times with forced rhymes and weird lyrics. This is particularly bad in the middle of the album and I think it all just goes a bit silly and very unnatural. Towards the end of the album it returns to the quality they showed in the beginning but while the quality goes up the deja-vu-o-meter also say there's a dangerous amounth of deja-vu in these songs so I wouldn't say the last third is much better than the second and hence the only really good part of this album is the first.

The really interesting stuff has unfortunately been left out of 'My Endless Wishes' but I still think the band has made a really good debut. The music has manage to get a nice mixture between heaviness and flow and melodies, especially on the first part of the album. My three favorite songs on the album are also the first three, so no big surprises there. I think the most surprising thing is the lack of slow songs on the album because more or less everything on this album is pretty fast stuff, definitely in the upper mid-tempo, but I still think the album has a calm and relaxed feeling over it… I don't know how it manages to have that but it does.

I still think this album was a positive surprise and it hasn't been too many of those this year. I think it's a great band for anyone that likes the similar bands.



Label: Doolittle/Connecting Music
Three similar bands: Evanescence/Within Temptation/Alyson Avenue
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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