Mushroom Cloud
In Mad Minute

1. Time To Shine
2. Purifire
3. Broken Record
4. Fallow The Blind
5. Needless Fight
6. American Genius
7. Final Cut (Apple Pie)
8. Fuck Alt Delete
9. Bipolar
10. No Escape

Morten Thoft Langerhuus – Vocals
Dmitriy Mukjamedov – Guitars
Simon Kristensen – Drumms



Tue Madsen - Mastering, Mixing, Producer, Recording

Released 2013-09-09
Reviewed 2013-11-06

mighty music

Mushroom clouds are not the most common thing to come out of Denmark, they are not that known for bombing things. But the trio from Denmark still calls themselves that and they are now releasing their debut album which they call In Mad Minute, a minute that according to the cover artwork is one minute to midnight. Speaking of the artwork, it is not the best I have seen, the timekeeper saw blade isn’t that impressive. It is what is inside the blade that is important anyway so lets not dwell any more on that, lets instead have a look at what this trio has to offer.

Modern melodic death metal is what it is, hard hitting and heavy, yet quite melodic and catchy. Quite varied and dynamic with a good dynamic between clean and growly vocals but also between rougher parts and the melodic parts. Excellent production and a sound quite a bit more mature than one would expect from a debuting band. Although of course they have a few demos and stuff behind them before this album so they are not completely inexperienced in musical endeavours. I think the variation is good enough to keep interest open all the way through, but of course they do not really offer anything new. They will need to find something more of an own voice as doing something according to genre guidelines can work once or twice but not anymore than that as it will be getting boring to repeat oneself too much.

An excellent debut though, a stepping stone into something great? I like this album very much, it has everything a good modern melodic death metal album should have. It is heavy and powerful yet catchy and melodic. Impressive production and impressive workmanship. I think anyone enjoying the genre will find this album very interesting and very good. I like the album a lot, and can’t see any real weaknesses with it. The only problem I can see with the album is that it stylistically offers nothing we haven’t heard before but it is done so well that it isn’t that much of a problem to me.

I have no favourite song on the album, all of them are very strong and they have a good dynamic in between themselves making the album very strong. It is a difficult album to write very much about, there is not too much to say really, other than complementing them on an excellent debut.



Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: In Flames/System of a Down/Machine Head
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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