1. Hole
2. In Circles
3. Cold & Tight
4. Give In
5. Undone
6. Isolation
7. Three By Five

Antti Ruokola – Drums & Percussion
Mikko Heino – Vocals
Jouni Mikkola – Bass
Jaakko Jernberg – Guitar
Jesper Johnson – Guitar



Produced by Minutian
Music by Antti Ruokola
Arrangements & lyrics by Minutian, except track 6 arranged by Minutian & Jani Saajanaho
Engineered by Mikko Majanen & Jesper Johnson
Mixed by Mikko Majanen
Mastered by Petri Majuri at Seawolf Studios
Cover art by Mikko Kinnunen

Released 2013
Reviewed 2013-03-19


Finnish progressive metallers called Minutian sent us their debut album some time ago and now I have managed to play and form an opinion about it. Trouble is though that when I sat down to write this review I found out that either they did not send me a press info along with the CD, or I lost it somewhere in the chaos that is my home. That makes it difficult to say so much about the band as there are always good stuff to use in those texts and the work with writing reviews is just too time consuming to start looking for such info around the web as well as the research takes long enough anyway.

Their album is darkish greyish with a quite dramatic look and this look reflects rather well how the album sounds, it is progressive metal with a quite minimalistic touch along with a darkish atmosphere. It is much more than that though with a big variation both in the songs but also in the moods the seven songs on the album displays, it is an impressive production and you sort of have to remind yourself that it is a debut album as it sounds a lot more mature than that. The vocals are a bit high pitched and a bit old-school so to speak and they suit this kind of music just brilliantly, and I would say that the album as a whole sounds very good.

It is also good songs on the album, maybe none of them is a standout track but they work really well as a whole. In a way you can describe it a little bit like a story that is being told in seven chapters and they are being done so in 43 minutes so they have kept it all in good check and not fallen for the old not killing darlings problem either so I have only good stuff to say about this album as it is a great album that also happens to be an excellent debut.

This all means that if you call yourself a fan of progressive metal and hears about this album and it then happens not to find its way into your album collection, then we have to wonder if you really are a fan of that genre. But joking aside, if you like progressive metal/rock you ought to check this album out because it is very good.



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Tool/King Crimson/Mastodon
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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