Melted Space

1. Return to the Land of the Forgotten
2. Dying Legend
3. They Were Brothers
4. St. Vis Pacem
5. Para Bellum
6. The Man With Two Faces
7. Welcome to this World
Bonus tracks
8. When I was a Good
9. Dante's Memory
10. War for the World

Liv Kristine - vocals
Ashmedi - vocals
Emmanuel Levy - vocals
Manuel Munoz - vocals
Lucie Blatrier - vocals
Anaé - vocals
Amelie Jeannés - vocals
Mick Ricknanese - vocals
Sire Cédric - vocals
Bastich - vocals
Maxime Beaulieu - vocals
Cédric Jullien - vocals
Pierre La Pape - Music, orchestration and lyrics
Adrien Grousset - guitars
Brice Guillon - bass
Michael Saccoman - drums
Charley Corbiaux - acoustic guitar

From the Past (2012)

Produced by Pierre Le Pape
Recordeat at Totentanz Studio (FR), Wildman Studio (FR), Mastersound Studio (GER), Q-Sonic Studio (NL), White Wasteland Studio (FR)
Mixed and mastered at Walnut Groove Studio by Axel Wursthorn
Artwork and layout by Hicham Haddaji Strychneen Studio

Released 2013-05-17
Reviewed 2013-05-12


season of mist

Pierre La Pape is the name of the guy behind the name of Melted Space, a metal opera project containing lots and lots of prominent guests. One album has come before this one which is sold as an EP which is wrong as it is quite long to be such a thing. It has a pretty cool cover artwork, it looks impressive and exciting and it is exciting in terms of the musical side as well. It is the second offering from this name, the first one was called From the Past and saw light of day last year. I have not heard that one that came before this one, so this is my first meeting with Melted Space so let us see what is held in this Between thing.

Musically it is both fresh and familiar, it has this recognisable beauty versus beast concept but in an opera setting with several singers. I don’t think this interaction is as good as it could have been as many singers sound more or less the same which sort of defeats the opera purpose. The singers are quite alright albeit some of the growls are a bit dull, especially in the ending track. The production is excellent. I think the soundscape of this album has a great feel of adventure and excitement, and it is a rather dynamic album as well. Dynamic both because of the singers’ interaction and because of the variation in the songs. So, exciting and dynamic with an excellent sound but maybe not as operatic as it was supposed to be, or maybe it was meant to be somewhere between a metal album and something operatic.

This is definitely a good album, the songs are strong all the way through. Well, the last song is not so good, so it could have ended better. I really enjoy especially the female vocals where Liv Kristine shows off some impressive vocal work. She interacts with growls and other things making this album one that keeps you interested from the start to at least the ninth track. It could have been better as an opera but as a metal album it is a strong one. I can clearly recommend this one, it is one for those of you who like your music exciting. And like you music fresh and not like everything else. It is fresh but still somewhat familiar, that is a good feat in a new album.

The first song following the intro called Dying Legend is the best track of the album, such a fine song and great opener. Then I really the penultimate song Dante’s Memory which is an impressive balladic thing that should have ended this album instead of semi-dull War of the World that is the end. But all in all this album is an impressive one that offers great entertainment for anyone who likes their music exciting and not so dull and ordinary as most music of today tend to be.



Label: Totentanz/Season of Mist
Three similar bands: Leave's Eyes/Wormfood/Sirenia
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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