Massive Audio Nerve
Cancer Vulgaris

1. Crysoync
2. Manslaughter
3. Lights Out
4. Scythe
5. This Generation
6. Grace of Time
7. 3 Quarter
8. Young Insect
9. Underhanded Brother
10. Death Song
11. Hoax
12. Slumcult

Tony JJ – Vocals
Rob Hakerno – Bass
Mark Black – Guitars
Adde Larsson – Drums

Obey, Consume, Reject (2007)
Peacenemy (2008)
Massive Audio Nerve (2010)


Recorded in IF Studios in 2012 with producer Roberto Laghi

Released 2013-07-12
Reviewed 2013-08-12

dead end exit

Well, Cancer Vulgaris is the new album by the man called M.A.N., or should we say formerly known as that. They have changed their name to Massive Audio Nerve, which is what I believed the abbreviation stood for anyway. It is kind of like SAAB suddenly changed their dispalayed company name to Svenska Aeroplan AktieBolag, kind of weird to change the name to a longer one. I liked the M.A.N. abbreviation and the new name doesn’t do much for me but it has lead the band to a better logo, though I think they should mark the M, A and N a bit more. The cover art does not look particularly cancerous but the font on the album name is a good one.

It is the fourth album by these guys, the first under the “new” name. I liked the previous one but it lacked something for it to really shine, this time it might be better. They use 48 fret guitars and basses which is a bit of a unique for the genre and possibly it is that which makes the band’s music slightly different. Perhaps it is something else. It is complex progressive extreme metal with growls, clean vocals, a massive wall of sound, interesting rhythms and unusual time signatures. It is a canvas they paint in what could be described as the musical equivalent to the short brush strokes of the impressionist artists of the late 1800s, with strong colouring and details that is more in the intense variation than anything else. The album is quite varied as well as strongly produced with an excellent sound. It is a musical adventure in twelve chapters and nearly fifty minutes.

Like the album before this it is an impressive production, unfortunately, if we take the least good first, the singer is a bit weak. Not that he is bad but his vocals don’t carry the songs to a higher level, kind of like an anchor blocking the real takeoff. But if the singer holds them back slightly, I am still impressed with what they do as their music is brilliant. Although the album is slightly long, I think we could be without the last six-seven minutes. That is not a deal breaker though and the album is definitely a step forward for the band, maybe these two new members that came into this album made a difference but it can also be a natural progression as there isn’t any major stylistic difference between the previous and this album.

I would conclude that if you enjoy M.A.N.’s earlier stuff, then you’ll love this album. It is an exciting album, it has much depth and artistic merit. They are also quite original while still being recognisable for what has inspired them. I think it can be said plainly that this is a damn good album, the best song of the album is probably 3 Quarter which I think is a strong song that breaks off from the rest on the album so maybe it is just that it stands out that makes it the best. Anyway, I think all that needs to be said is that it is a great album.



Label: Dead End Exit/Sound Pollution/Germusica
Three similar bands: Transport League/Korn/Mudvayne
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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