Mad Mav
The Fiddler Queen

1. Lady Violince
2. Master Bow
3. Duel of the Queens
4. No Flowers Without Rain
5. Evil Minds
6. Eliminator
7. Cell O'Grief
8. Puppet on a String
9. The Legion

Mad Mav – Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Keyboards

Ancestry of All Evil (2008)
Black Sheep (2008)
Bloody Fingers (2008)
Pandora's Cry (2008)
Diggin'it Out (2008)
Vagary of the Gods (2009)
Black Sheep II (2009)
Claustrophobic (2010)
Catch the Bullet (Demo 2011)
Rise of the Mad (2011)



Released 2013-06-28
Reviewed 2013-09-15


Well, I am always favourable of a sexy album cover and this album has one. It looks a bit exciting, and it looks dramatic. I wonder though, one man band, instrumental music, that usually does not add up to be a recipe for greatness. Sure there are some brilliant one man bands out there and I recently heard the great band Seagall which was an instrumental piece of greatness so what about this german one man project? Apparently this guy has some experience as the discography I found contains many titles even though I have not heard any of those titles they would seem to indicate that this guy has some experience to show.

Not built like the standard rock album with verses and choruses and all of that, still not really that different from it. It is melodic metal, some symphonic parts and such things. Not much in terms of variation either and this despite the album being over an hour long. I don’t think it has enough variation to really entertain for that amount of playing time, sure the album is well played and it is well produced but that doesn’t quite help against this long playing time. I think that the album should stand away more from the tradition, instrumental music is best when it stops catering to traditional rock musical stylings.

No good then? I can hear you ask, and I have debated this for a while now and have come to the conclusion that it is an okay album. No more, no less. Well played, well produced, excellent music at times but with nine tracks, all very long and not especially varied, it becomes a very long story. A story I have a difficult time listening to as it can’t keep me interested for more than about half the playing time. Maybe he was overreaching a little bit, it seems to be a common occurrence amongst musicians to not know when to stop their albums and very often we get fine albums ruined by material that should have been thrown on the garbage heap. This is definitely such an album. An album that is alright, that is quite good but still one that will just be forgotten and put on the pile of albums that is good but nothing special.

So, let me conclude that this is neither good, nor bad. It is a decent effort, good as background noise but not that brilliant to listen to. I find it to be a decent effort but not really something I want to listen to. However, if you enjoy instrumental metal or rock music you may be of a differing opinion.



Label: 7Hard
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Ratings: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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