Luna Ad Noctum
Hypnotic Inferno

Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Dimmu Borgir/Satyricon/Catamenia
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. In Hypnosis
2. Fear Technique
3. You Are What You Are...
4. Abnormal Pain
5. Fleshless
6. Ether Dome
7. Martyrium
8. Hallucination Twisted Claw
9. Total Sleep Disorder

AN6 – Bass/Voc
T.Infamous – Guitars
Blasphemo – Guitars
Dragor – Drums

2002 Dimness’Profound
2004 Sempiternal Consecration
2006 The Perfect Evil In Mortal


Recorded at the Hertz Studio, Poland

Released 2013-02-22
Reviewed 2013-05-02


They have been around for a while now, Luna Ad Noctum. They started back in 1998 and released their debut album in 2002, this Hypnotic Inferno is their fourth album which is the first since 2006 from these guys. It has a cover artwork that gives a sense of lunacy and that is what it is. “The album’s concept is about abnormal human behavior, hallucinations and madness caused by psychoactive medication, which is used to reduce or eliminate the suffering caused by psychological conditions, such as insomnia.” That is what it says in the promo information of this album, which is the fourth of this Polish quartet where none of the members have a regular name.

Symphonic Black Metal is the genre name used in the same press info, polished perhaps? Not symphonic in the same fashion as the norwegian pompous black metallers, more like the finnish band Catamenia, if you’ve heard them I think you will have a decent idea of what to expect. The sound is polished and clean, the symphonic elements are subdued and more of an additional atmospheric element rather than something taking a major role in the music. What does take a major roles is the guitar riffing which is what leads the songs forwards on this album, built on a foundation of strong riffs and aggressively modern grunting growls. The production is quite modern and melodic, it is polished as I was saying and the vocalist could have been better but there is a lot of exciting stuff here to compensate of a somewhat ordinary singer.

And I think it is a good album, the melodies are strong and the songs have a fairly prominent and powerful posture. I like this album, sure it is not the most fresh or exciting but it offers some high quality modern slightly symphonic black metal. You could argue that they should try and find more of their own sound as they seem to be making a bit typical black metal. You could also argue that the singer is no good and you’d be partly right as he may not be the most exciting singer I have heard. There is also the fact that the album feels a bit static, the variation is rather small on the album. Still, no matter how you argue, you cannot argue with the fact that it is a good album.

Sure, it is a merely good album, nothing earth shattering. Besides the excellent second track Fear Technique which I really enjoy. Unfortunately that song is just too much alone to really bring this album to any higher level, it is a standout track no denying that though. So, there are some things to really like with this album but not enough to get me to consider the higher rating. I think that for the fan of the modern melodic black metal this will be something to really check out as it should really appeal to you.



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