1. Into Mirrors
2. No Doubt Lets Go
3. Forget About
4. The Liar
5. Darker Days
6. Sea of Dust
7. Going Up In Flames
8. No Slight Return
9. The Point Of No Return
10. Black Sun
11. Tell Me
12. Talent Show
13. Mud
14. Beyond Mirrors
15. The Other Side

Michael - Vocals
Gregor - Guitar
Gerald - Guitar
Paul - Bass
Chris - Drums

Down To Earth (2004)
State Of The Union Speech (2006)
No Destiny (2009)
Mirrors.Affection (EP 2011)
Mirrors.Reflection (EP 2012)

Forget About (EP 2013)


Music & Lyrics: Loxodrome
Produced by Loxodrome
Recorded at TripleCore:Studio & Separate Sound Studio
Artwork: Mike Schumer
Photography: Shervin Rafsandjani

Released 2013-09-20
Reviewed 2013-08-29


Reflections seems to be the thing for Loxodrome, Mirrors are present in the title of three of the band’s four releases since 2011. Two EPs and now the band’s fourth album called simply Mirrors, it takes 75% of the Forget About EP that we reviewed earlier this year and adds twelve more tracks many of which can be found on their EPs from 2011 and 2012. So, maybe not so much new, the ones who really follow this band might be a bit disappointed in the relatively small amount of new songs this album offers. Nevertheless, it is an album and it has a nice looking cover artwork much reminiscent of what we saw from the band in 2011 and 2012. If you wonder about the meaning of the band name and such things I suggest you follow the link to the review of the Forget About EP in the left column.

I think the description can be read there as well, it is the same kind of modern hardrock/metal with some Nu-metal additions and such things. The singer is still a weak point, the album is quite varied and has fifteen tracks and plays for 55 minutes. That is a long album but it is well produced and powerful, and varied. Can it last for that playing time? Well, seeing to the quality of the recordings and sound it is not much difference from Forget About and it does not quite stand up to extended periods of play.

And neither does this album, it is too long, they really should have left some songs out of it. I think the achilles heel of these guys is their lack of really ear catching music. Their music is very good and I am sure that this album would work really well had they left The Liar, Darker Days, Black Sun, Tell Me and Talent show outside it as it then would have been a really good album. Now we get too much and think about it, what would you rather do? listen to an album that is good but becomes a bit tiresome in the longer run or watch a movie or maybe stare at your social shit on the internet, play with your silly phone or something else that distracts from listening? This is not ADD, it is just the reality of our world today, it has too many distractions and if you don’t keep it short you have to make it exceptional and I doubt that Loxodrome are even capable of reaching that level of quality. They could have made a great album if they had decided to keep it within a time that conforms with the attention span of a normal human being, and I can assure you that it is far shorter than 55 minutes.

So it is no good then? On the contrary, the problem is just the same as most americans have with their eating, too much of a good thing turns into things that are less good. I still think this is a good album, I like many of the songs and the lovely guitarlines that captures me, but I grow more and more uninterested the further the album plays and this is despite them having great tracks like Mud and Beyond Mirrors in the ending part of the album.

I suppose that we can say that I like this album in smaller doses and with today’s musical market we can actually create the great album I alluded to before by not buying the five tracks I previously pointed out as not beneficial to the album. But if you like the physical albums like I do, then you are stuck with what you get and as a reviewer you are as well as an album is to be reviewed as a whole and not as single songs. So, in the end I think we have a fairly good album here, every song on it is good, but I still think it should have been shorter to work as a whole.



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Hotel Diablo/Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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