Forget About

01. Forget About
02. Sea Of Dust
03. In the Rain (Acoustic)
04. The Liar

Michael - Vocals
Gregor - Guitar
Gertsch - Guitar
Paul - Bass
Chris - Drums

Down To Earth (2004)
State Of The Union Speech (2006)
No Destiny (2009)
Mirrors.Affection (EP 2011)
Mirrors.Reflection (EP 2012)



Released 2013-01-04
Reviewed 2013-02-09


In navigation, a rhumb line (or loxodrome) is a line crossing all meridians of longitude at the same angle, i.e. a path derived from a defined initial bearing. That is, upon taking an initial bearing, one proceeds along the same bearing, without changing the direction as measured relative to true north.

That is one interesting thing to name a band, I myself am quite fond of mathematical things like this one for instance and there are several formulas how to mathematically distinguish this loxodrome. I will however not bore you with those even if it would be fun to have a few formulas for good measure, there are both good and poor bands with names of mathematical meaning. This band is from Austria and this is their third EP in as many years and before those EPs they have done three albums and it would appear that they are little known outside of German speaking nations judging by the reviews I have seen. All reviews of this EP is in German except for one which is in Spanish and that is a bit strange considering that this EP was released already the fourth of january. So, what can we then say about this EP by this seemingly little known Austrian band?

That it is a modern hardrock/metal album with some nu-metal tendencies, a four track fifteen minute piece with one acoustic track and three others. The song structures of the album are similar with a quite melodic intro then it becomes a bit of riffing and singing and stuff, the voice is fairly typical for the genre and there is little separating them from much other that is being released in this genre today. It is well made and the production is fine so there is not much to complain about on that part. So, is it something to have or is it something to forget about?

Well, it is something in between I would say, it is not bad at all but neither does it belong in the top third of the range of similarly styled music. I think it is done quite well but so is most of the music today and the problem with this as with so many other modern rock bands is that they drown in the mainstream of similar music. The songs all start very good with a nice melodic touch but after that they become quite bland and the acoustic track is okay but nothing more. The EP feels a slight bit common to me, modern and good rock music but it is a bit too short to really get anywhere and the songs are not quite good enough for it to really take off.

In a way it is something to forget about as it doesn’t quite rise above anything else in the modern metal genre and as it is with so many albums these days, the competition is the problem of these guys. They need to find a voice that is more of their own because this EP is one that is quite good but at the same time quite forgetful, I think that you could simply call it a middle of the road release by what seems like a middle of the road band.



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Hotel Diablo/Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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