Loch Vostok
V: The Doctrine Decoded

01. Seeker
02. A Tale Of Two Kings
03. Syndrome Of Self
04. Citizen Cain
05. Twilight Of The Dogs
06. Inflict Chaos
07. Regicide
08. Claim The Throne
09. Ravenous
10. Common Ground
11. Beyond The Obvious

Teddy Möller - vocals, guitars
Niklas Kupper - guitars
Fredrik Klingwall - keyboards
Jimmy Mattsson - bass
Lawrence Dinamarca - drums

Dark Logic (2004)
Destruction Time Again! (2006)
Reveal No Secrets (2009)
Dystopium (2011)



Released 2012-10-04
Reviewed 2013-04-15

vicisolum productions

I don't like coming with reviews this late after an album has been released but sometimes that can't be helped. I guess a late review is better than no review? At least when it's a positive one.

I had some issues that hindered me from listening to 'V: The Doctrine Decoded' after I got it and therefore I didn't listen that much to it before this March and April but when I finally got to listen to the album more carefully it didn't take me too long to realize what I had missed. I played it a few times back when I got it and it didn't make too much impression on me back then but after hearing it more structured I realized it's a really good album!

The album is 56 minutes, spead over 11 tracks. This makes it a pretty long album and returning readers know that's something I normally don't like. The album is some sort of progressive extreme metal and the cover they've given the album looks a bit like a free-mason symbol wrapped in red velour. It's a Swedish band and they've released four albums before 'V: The Doctrine Decoded' but unfortunately it's the first that I've got my hands on. After hearing 'V: The Doctrine Decoded' it's obvious to me that they are one of the the best progressive death metal bands I've heard.

'V: The Doctrine Decoded' is mostly played fast and furious but varies quite a lot both between and in the songs. It's a heavy album with elements from both metalcore as well as the normal death metal banging. The album has plenty of keyboards and this gives it both harmonies and also makes the guitars bang harder. In some of the tracks the keyboards even get quite beautiful and this is also reflected on entire songs sometimes as soon as they tone down the hardness in other instruments as well but the entire album is very listenable.

On the production side I like what they've done with sound quality, mixing and all those things because it's as tight as a whale in a thong. The album gets a bit long with those 56 minutes but I still think they maintain the interest pretty well over the album. Most of the music is very varied but sometimes also tends to get a bit splayed. Not so much that it's a big problem or anything but it's very little on this album that actually is lined up in perfect harmony with the rest. It seems like the band lacks structure and just puts together whatever they feel like doing and it would surprise me if they haven't made the album at least a bit like that. I think most tracks keeps a healthy level of folly but sometimes it almost gets one step too far with this free thinking. Still, it sounds good even then and for some reason I feel the band thinks a bit like me - sure they have adjusted the music to some extent to make it fit for a bigger audience than just them selves but that's only because they think it works better that way. I'm sure plenty of people will like this straight shooting agenda but some will probably want the music to be a bit more this or that. Unfortunately for them, I don't think this band will change their music in any direction unless they themselves really believe in doing the music like that. They probably want the fans but not if it costs them their artistic integrity and creativity.

'V: The Doctrine Decoded' shows a really mature band that makes impressing music their own way. I think this fifth album puts them among the most interesting bands in this genre and they're not far from the real top scores with this effort.




Label: Vicisolum
Three similar bands: Meshuggah/Kingd Diamond/Anima Morte
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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